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Divine Unity

Divine Unity

"Being partial to love is integral to Unity."-Douglas Holzmeier

At the time I was writing this chapter one of my friends was experiencing the pain of feeling unwanted. She had divorced her husband of a dozen years not long ago and with this new found freedom came a bit of loneliness. This – as I am told – is not unusual. Even when we leave a job – on our own or from being let go – there is separation anxiety. We have an overwhelming desire to belong.
"You can search for a place to belong or create a place others
long to be."
As the above epigram suggests – we are always the answer to our own prayer. If you can reduce your problem to a thought – you can change your thought and change your life – as it has been written by all the great sages – ancient and contemporary. This subject is worth a chapter of its own. If you feel no one wants you or you can’t find a place to be – the Truth is that you are connected to God and the Universe – so there is no-where you don’t belong. You can create a home anyway you want. It can consist of whoever you want – as long as you are divinely inviting. Anyone you have ever exchanged energy with – you are connected to. I am no longer surprised when a long-lost friend or professional acquaintance finds me on Facebook. Just today a person connected with me who I had worked with six years ago. The positive energy we had exchanged still resonates and attracts. In Quantum Physics – when two particles have come in contact with each other through an exchange of energy – they are forever connected at the quantum level. What happens to one particle – affects the other – in some way. It is the mystery behind most premonitions. As a scientific understanding – the spiritual and metaphysical idea that “as I do to you – I do to myself” - is true. It isn’t just airy-fairy new age mysticism. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
When I was a DJ at 92X radio in 1988 – I got a call on the studio line one afternoon from a woman named Michelle. We had the usual cursory chat consisting of salutations and a song request but right before I hung up I asked her: “Do we know each other?” She said nope. I said – “Are you sure – I’m getting the feeling that I know you.” Again she said no. This message that there was a connection grew with every denial on her part. I asked her where she grew up. She answered with Norwalk, Ohio. I countered with – “You never lived anywhere else?” She sheepishly offered that she lived for the first five or six years of her childhood in a town that she was sure I had never heard of – Grove City. Bingo! That’s where I lived from 1964 to 1980. I said – “Where did you go to school?” She said – “Oh come on – there is no way – it was a Catholic school…and before she could finish I said – “OLPH – Our Lady of Perpetual Help – hello Michelle O’Riccio.”
You could have heard a pin drop. Here I was speaking to a person who I had not seen or thought about since 1967 – 21 years before – and I KNEW it. This cannot be explained without the idea of a thread of Unity that runs through all of us – and rubs off on those who we come in close proximity of.
Here is another story that will blow your mind. In 1985 I taught at a broadcasting school. There was a student there named Lyndell Obregon.  She is a Filipino girl whose father was a surgeon at Ohio State University. Lyndell was the first person of Filipino decent I had ever known.  She was a talented person with a great personality. Our time together was only a few months but she made a lasting impression.
A year later I found myself in Stillwater, Oklahoma working at a radio station called KVRO. One day a girl calls and requests a song. Before the chat was over – I got one of those premonitions. Her name was Pinky and she was a student at Oklahoma State University. She mentioned she was Filipino – and the pleasant thought of Lyndell crossed my mind so I ask Pinky if she wanted to have some lunch with me. She said yes – and so we did.
Pinky was a lovely girl. She told me about her life and her dreams and in passing – I mentioned that I had met only one other Filipino person in my life at the broadcasting school I taught at in Columbus, Ohio.
A few minutes later – Pinky mentioned that her father was a dentist in Oklahoma and that his brother – her uncle – was a doctor somewhere in the Midwest – maybe Wisconsin or Michigan. We talked a little more and she said that her family had migrated to the United States some years before and there had been a falling out in the family between the brothers – one who was a doctor in Illinois or Indiana.
Every time she mentioned another state her uncle was practicing in – it was a state closer to Ohio. The original premonition I had went from a mild vibration to a full-fledged throbbing!  About this time Pinky says she wishes the two-sides of the family would come back together because she really missed her cousin – Lyndell. Bingo!
At this juncture I told Pinky that her uncle was most probably a surgeon at Ohio State University. She said – “that’s right!” And your last name (which she had not offered her new found friend yet) is spelled “O-b-r-e-g-o-n - Obregon.” She dropped her French fry and spit out her Coke.
The Universe used me to (attempt) to put that family back together. I got Lyndell’s phone number from the school and gave it to Pinky and conversations began. I do not know how things ever worked out – but I do know that the energy of these cousins recognized each other through me.
At the time of this writing – it has been 22 years since I met my two Philippine family members. I have not met another since.
"The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and within. You're not
a visitor or a guest; you are indigenous, family - a child of Heaven."

We are family! This is our home. Whether you see Earth as a vacation spot; a boarding school – or paradise – we belong here with each other for a time and we will remain connected throughout eternity. All the separations are man-made. Language – borders – flags – religious denominations – political parties – all just fences we have constructed to keep others out – while entrapping us. Most suffering comes from what we resist. If you are isolating yourself from those who you have eternal connections with – you may be adding to your pain unnecessarily.

"Faith is the gift you give yourself. It is the acceptance of your
unity with Divinity."

The friend that I refer to in the opening paragraph has also hopped from church to church hoping to find a spiritual home. Whenever someone at a church insults her – for real or in her mind – she gets upset and closes herself off from the friends that she created there. A church (and almost all groups) is made up of people just like any family and they don’t always do what you want them to do. And you don’t always do what they want you to do. So what do you do? Love them anyway! You and the person that has let you down are united with and by Divinity. Accept your unity with each other and the Divine – and all will be fine.

"You are an individualization of the whole. Unity requires your

Did you know that one of the main reasons people become gang members is because they want to belong to something – a family of some kind– where their existence matters? We belong to the Family of Divinity. Our Father/Mother – is the Divine. The Divine masculine and the Divine feminine exist in God as well as each other. However you define God – It is the Power back of our Being. People will participate. The door they choose to walk through is a matter of choice. So let’s open as many divine doors as possible - so those who seek belonging can find it in our hearts and homes.

At the time of this writing the Holzmeier family had a reunion for my Mother’s 80th birthday. Not only were there several generations of blood relatives – but in addition – in attendance were the best friends of some of my brothers and sisters as well. These middle-aged men and women – while teenagers - considered and called my Mother – Mom – and they did on this day as well. And so it is that we are all brothers and sisters and there is a Universal belonging we can call upon at anytime – with anyone. Visit a nursing home – there you will find people who will love you more than you can imagine.

"Unity comes through a disproportion of harmony."

Ironically – one of the reasons we stay away from family is that they see us as we were and don’t recognize we have grown-up and evolved. As much as that has bothered me as well – sometimes it is nice to be remembered as you were in youth. The stories and legends live on in the people who knew us best – our family. I had forgotten that my sister chased me and I fell through the front door window. We can laugh about it because I didn’t get sliced and diced by shards of glass. Old stories can be shared with love – to take the edge off of them. New stories – in the form of advice and counsel – can be shared in harmony with love.

"The #5 is no better than the #2 and no less perfect than #9.
And so it is with you in the divine family of man."

Some people don’t like and will not embrace the idea of Oneness. They simply will not admit that they have as much in common with troublesome folk as they do. The most important commonality is Divinity. It is this recognition that we can use to bless the members of our family who are misbehaving – and it is what they will use to bless us when we fall short of our inherent glory.

"Most great truths are inherently known. That's what makes
their revelation so comforting; a homecoming."

The most important person you will ever welcome home is yourself. And it likely will happen after you have let the “ME” that is your false EGO – go. There is a child in all of us waiting to be welcomed home. Let yourself in! THIS is who you are missing. THIS is who you want to embrace and love and take care of. Restore your state of happiness by forgiving yourself for making changes that rearranged your immediate family. All families change. People come and go – are born and die – while remaining United in the One Love we came from and return to.

When I was searching my epigrams for the word Unity – the word Opportunity came up most. Unity is the last five letters of Opportunity. And as usually is the case – there is a good reason why. When was the last time you thought of Opportunity as: Opport – Unity? Probably – never.  Think of Opportune. Love is always well-timed and in-tune. We always have the chance to Unite and Harmonize with our Good or resist and suffer.

Sometimes it is as simple as loving the One you’re with – who are family - and blessing all circumstances knowing that Love is in Unity and Unity is in Love. Unifying with Divinity is your soul discretion.

"No one who truly loves people will ever find themselves

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)
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