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2016 Update

Good Lord it's been a long time.

I never meant to be away so long but life has a way of getting your full attention and I simply haven't written anything worth sharing on this blog in a long time and I don't want to place a bunch of filler material here.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Divine Foundations

Divine Foundations

“You are funded by your founder. You are a great investment!”

   The message I have shared consistently is that you are divine and important, needed and necessary, loved and the beloved – God’s best idea. God is your founder. And you are God’s beneficiary.. In other words, you were created and then given all that you’ll ever need. You are furnished for life! Although it is often true that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, there are millions of examples of the rich becoming poor and the poor becoming rich. (The original definition of Wealth meant Well Being)

The spiritual Truth is God is abundant therefore YOU are abundant. All has already been given. You are well vested! In the dictionary vested means: held completely; permanently; and inalienably. It also means you are robed ecclesiastically.  You look marvelous! 

Do you understand? That’s a good question. What is your understanding? More to the point – what Truth do you stand upon? Get it – understanding? Ever see a confident person walk? They stride! Synonyms for stride are advance and progress. Thomas Aquinas said: “As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” When it comes to enlightenment, we are either progressing or regressing based on whether our awareness is broadening and our consciousness expanding. Speaking of Consciousness …

I believe most of us have an understanding of the subconscious. Most of our bodily functions are performed unconsciously. Most of our beliefs operate at the subconscious level as well. It is why behaviors are so hard to change no matter how much so-called will power we supply. What is below the surface – the beliefs that have rooted themselves in our subconscious are often overwhelming. (Even though they have no real power)  It’s the Law of Cause and Effect. Seeds that were sown long ago that have not been uprooted or replaced with divine thoughts and spiritual accuracy – intrude and squat! This is so – even if these wretched refugees are – in reality – illusory. 

One way to illustrate what’s going on in the subconscious is to use the Internet as a metaphor. When surfing the web, there are ads that pop up on your favorite websites that reflect your interests. I was reading a story on a newspaper webpage and an ad for my book – You Are God’s Best Idea! - appeared to the left of the screen. For a moment I thought this website is advertising my book to its readers! In reality – it simply was reflecting my interests based on where I had most recently clicked. In this case, I had checked out Amazon.com to see if there had been any new reviews posted. 

When you choose a webpage – in milliseconds – the data from your visit is sent to ten or more companies, including Microsoft and Google subsidiaries, traffic-logging sites, and small ad firms. Instantaneously, your visit has been logged and ads generated based on where you’ve been – and where they believe you’re heading.  Wayne Dyer says: Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. The Internet companies collect our website choices and send us messages and propaganda (which also means disinformation!) based on those decisions. This is exactly how Life and Law work. Ernest Holmes wrote: Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. 

Your email inbox works the same way as the Internet. It is alleged that some of the data collecting companies actually read your email. I know this is true because, well after I published my book, I kept getting notices on my screen that read: Are you thinking about publishing a book? You see – I have a folder in my email account where I saved all of my communications with my book publisher. (Balboa Press/Hay House) By observing the content of these subfolders in my email account, the Internet harbingers kept bombarding me with information that I no longer needed or wanted. This is how the subconscious mind works. 

No matter how much you say you no longer desire junk food; cigarettes; alcohol; drugs; abusive relationships; etc. – the subconscious – the content of those folders with the saved messages from long ago – give you away. Sucks, doesn’t it? It’s why you must begin to DELETE those old messages. Replace the recollections from childhood of worthlessness with the New Thought that you are inherently DIVINE! It’s time to (drum roll please) annul the past – expunge the false record – cancel destructive contracts and agreements you may have made before you knew the Truth of your founding Father/Mother God. You can start today by – quite literally – cleaning up your various email accounts and clearing your browser history. Now – let’s work on the Mind.

Sanctuary: A safe and sacred place to worship.

If we'd considered our MINDS as a sacred and holy place where only the Thoughts of Heaven were allowed - we'd experience a lot less hell.

Your subconscious takes in every sight and sound – whether you are conscious of them or not. It takes a raised awareness and an enlightened consciousness to nullify the incoming signals before they can take root. Then – you can start scrubbing the old ideas with the Thoughts of Heaven.  As mentioned above – your mind should be your Sanctuary. No matter what people are saying and thinking around you (or about you!) – You need not share in their condemnation.  There is, after all, just One Divine Mind – One Divine Life – and that is God’s Life – and it is Your Life Now!

One day I was looking at the walls in my Reno apartment. What I saw was puzzling. There were yellow streaks bleeding through the freshly painted walls. It was a scene right out of the Amityville Horror. As it turned out, the previous occupant was a very heavy smoker. The apartment management worked for months trying to fumigate the place. They told us that they had put ten coats of paint on the walls. What was oozing through was nicotine. Yuck! If nicotine was hemorrhaging through ten coats of paint, I can imagine what her lungs must look like. The metaphysical point is, you are simply offering asylum to the things you cover-up.  In time, they may make a jail-break leaving you imprisoned.

At the time of this writing I had changed my phone number. Not long after I got the new number I started receiving spam phone calls. They were from area codes where I knew no one. My phone would start ringing shortly after 6am and keep ringing for hours. I Googled a few of these digits that were calling me and they were from an organization that tries to scam people into giving personal information. The calls come from India, routed through American telephone numbers. According to complaint posts on the Internet from angry recipients, if you engage the sales representative on the other line and call them out, they will curse you up one side and down the other and then call you twice as often.  I found that if I just didn’t answer the phone, the number of calls slow and eventually stop.

You don’t have to own every rogue thought that pops in your head. It is the negative thoughts we dwell upon that take up residence and eat us out of house and home. A house divided cannot stand!  Decide that you are too busy to take their call. 

Also, at the time of this composition, my radio station was promoting a Prevent Bullying campaign. We were encouraging school-aged children to take the Be the Magic: Prevent Bullying Pledge. We borrowed it from www.bullying.org  

This is for me - my friends today - and my friends tomorrow.

I think being mean stinks! I won't watch someone get picked on because I am a do something person, not a do nothing person.

I care. I can help change things. I can be a leader.

In my world there are no bullies allowed. Bullying is bad.  Bullying bites. Bullying bothers me.

I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do.

My name is (your name) - and I won't stand by. I will stand up.

Now – how bout not beating yourself up? Being mean to your Self – stinks! Be a do something person by standing up for you! Care enough about yourself to change your life by changing your thinking and choosing the thoughts of Heaven. Remember – you are the boss of your thoughts. Hire the good ones - fire the bad ones! Take the lead! Take the Pledge!! No bullies allowed – starting with YOU – God’s best idea.

One of life’s cliches is the person who decides to travel around the world to find themselves.  As soon as you find that you are found and founded on divinity and grace – your under-standing will be clear. 

Start investing in your foundation - your Mutual Fund - by operating with and through Principle:

  • God is and I am!

  • God is eternal – and so am I!

  • Heaven is at hand and within and as much as I can conceive; believe and accept this – it is my experience.

  • I am free to be!

  • I am inside what is inside me. There is just One!

  • I am an expression of God expressing with – through and as God.

  • There is One Divine Mind living One Divine Life and my mind creates the life that I choose to live and I choose to live Undeniably!

  • I believe that God is Good – God is Love - Life is Good – and I am living and  loving my life!

  • I know that I am Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: I am God’s Best Idea!

And So It Is!

Monday, September 16, 2013

It has been over a year since my last blog post. I went back to radio broadcasting in September of 2013 and have been very busy programming Magic 95.5 in Reno . In the past year I have continued with my spiritual practice and became a licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living which were founded by the great New Thought writer and philosopher Ernest Holmes.

I have the basis for a follow-up book to You Are God's Best Idea! in the can. I plan on writing essays again and posting them here.

My apologies for not writing in awhile.

Please feel free to visit my website for free offers - including a recording of my YAGBI seminar when you sign up for the YAGBI Newsletter. Here's my website You Are God's Best Idea!

You are Divine and Important - Needed and Necessary - Loved and the Beloved: You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier

Monday, July 16, 2012

Divine Order

Divine Order

"The more you do, the less you don't."-Douglas Holzmeier

The more you do, the less you don’t.  I love getting these direct epiphanies from Divine Mind. It came to me as I was reading Ernest Holmes while sitting in my front yard on a sunny Sunday morning.

The more you do, the less you don’t. Apply this simple equation to just about any facet of your life and positive results are sure to follow. The more healthy food you eat the less unhealthy food you’ll consume. The more you love, the less time you’ll have for loveless expressions.  All has been given. God is all there is. No one has been short changed.  It is only in our ACCEPTANCE – our Awareness and Consciousness that we choose less than Good for ourselves. 

Think of the number one (#1) as being ONENESS; WHOLENESS: GOOD: LOVE and GOD. Think of the number zero (#0) as representing all that is not Love; Truth; Beauty; Peace; Light; Power; Wisdom – not God. To the degree you can place ONE ahead of ZERO/NOTHING – will determine how much you experience. Let’s use the following numerical illustration:

Person A: 0,000,001:  ($1) By placing God and Love last – this person experiences very little of the Divine Attributes.

Person B: 0,000,010:  ($10) See how the zeros are the illusions that are placed ahead of all the Good that really exists.

Person C: 0,000,100 ($100) This person is able to put, at least, a few of the “no-things” behind them and experiences some good.

Person D: 0,001,000 ($1000) The more you can place ONE LOVE ahead of the temporal appearances that seem to be void of Love, yet always contain Love, the more you are One with Love.

Person E: 0,010,000 ($10,000) See how much love multiplies? We go from $1000 to $10,000 just by putting God/Love ahead of just one more illusion.

Person F: 0,100,000 ($100,000) Is this you? If so, you are doing very well. You have been able to see clearly that God is all there is.  You are abundant and dreams are coming true. Congratulations!

Person G: 1,000,000 ($1,000,000) You have been able to do what few who have ever lived have been able to do. You have become fully orbed. You see and experience nothing but Love – Peace – Light – Beauty – Power – Wisdom – Harmony – Truth and God. 

I’m using these numbers as dollars in our paradigm, but these units are representations of Divinity. Abundance for you may be exhibited in a million other ways.  Isn’t it interesting that there are seven numbers in our numerical illustration. The seventh letter is G – for Good and God. And as you know, God is self-existent Good. See how simple this really is? Put the “nothings” behind you and you are left with the ONE-thing that is, that you are a part of: Love and God.

As an exercise, where would you rate yourself on our seven-point scale? I believe most of us can get to the E and F levels in our lifetimes. This would be where most of the great Mystics have risen to. A Mystic is a person who believes in inherent Divinity. That God is with(in) us and this is the Presence of Divine and Unconditional Love.

"If you want to climb to the top of the mountain, leave all the dirt behind."

Wash your hands and feet and mind of the illusionary dirt and grime that has possibly robbed you of your divine inheritance. This is salvation. It is a choice to accept that you are a divine child of the most high. 

"Doubt shouts the small truth in the big lie. You are larger than libel; truer than fiction; a child of the Most High!"

I’m not talking about denial. We make mistakes. We have bad moments, but they don’t have to be strung together and used as a noose! Nor should you string together the NOTHINGS masquerading as truths, suggesting that life is empty and loveless. There are MILLIONS of stories and examples of people who were living lives of denial until the Light of Divine Love broke through to inspire us. I hope that my life is one of those inspirational stories.

"When you pray - you are not asking God to change the natural
law and order of things - only to repeal illusion."

I know I am forgiven. This isn’t a license to sin; it’s an authorization to LOVE! After all, you were authored by God, and God has perfect penmanship. 

There is Divine Order in the Universe.  Everything has been divinely ordered. And since you are on the menu – you must be a perfect dish. You are delicious! God has served you up to serve and express Divinity. You are Divine and Important; Needed and Necessary; Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

The more you live undeniably, the less you’ll be denied. Sounds like a million dollar idea!

"You need only consent to your perfection in order to realize it.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Divine Surender

Divine Surrender

"We surrender to what we adore. Love has already surrendered
to you. Surrender to Love."-Douglas Holzmeier

     I’ve never really cared for the idea of surrender.  It seems so counter-intuitive. How can you ever win when you’re surrendering? In spiritual terms; there is nothing to fight for. It has all been done and won. 

During my spiritual journey over the last several years, I had been able to, “Let Go and Let God”, regarding almost everything in my life. I had “turned it over” to Divine Mind.  I live each day with; through, and as, love. Most of the time, I don’t worry about what seems to be missing. God will provide, and has. But there has been one area that I was very stubborn about: My weight.

Like most people who carry around too many pounds, I have had  success in losing weight over the years. In 1987 and 1988, I lost 130 pounds. From 2003 to 2006, I lost 210 pounds! But the fat came back as I returned to “abnormal” eating. The 1980s weight loss was done by eating mostly a vegan diet. The weight I lost eight years ago was done by eating mostly protein. Both times I walked a lot. But when I stopped walking and started eating lots of fast food and pastries, the extra weight returned with some new pound friends. 

I always thought I could “beat this thing”! My will was stronger than the cheeseburger’s, wasn’t it? I always felt that since I had dug this obesity hole starting around the age of eight, that it was my responsibility to dig my way out.  But somehow, after all these years, I found myself in just a deeper hole. At some point, it’s okay to say, “Can I get a little help here”?

I recently read a quote from Oprah: “Listen to the whisper before it becomes a scream”. At the end of May I had decided to listen to the whisper. I was walking every day. I was eating more protein to get my metabolism going. I had created a weight release group at my church.  I was going to “beat this thing”! On Sunday night, June 3rd, I took a two-hour walk. Little did I know I was eventually walking through the doors of a hospital for the first time in my life!

Yes, I’m one of those stubborn men who avoid Doctors. I was very proud that I had had fewer than five Doctor visits in the past 35 years. I even fractured my leg once and watched it turn every color of the rainbow and STILL didn’t see a Doctor.  Silly human pride. After my long walk, I woke up on Monday morning in extreme pain. My legs were on fire and my gut felt like a knife was in it. Still, I tried to “wait it out”. This wasn’t the first time I had had one of these “episodes”.  

Monday turned to Tuesday and to Wednesday and I was still feeling really bad.  My breathing was labored and I couldn’t sleep.  Everything I tried to eat or drink came back up, on its own, or when I forced it up because I couldn’t stand the discomfort of it not going down.  What I eventually learned was that a gallstone had traveled from my gall bladder into my pancreas. (Probably because I was eating so much protein) The stone blocked my digestion. However, the stone was stimulating my pancreas to secrete enzymes. These enzymes do one thing: EAT!  If there is no food in the gut to digest, they start cannibalizing the pancreas! No wonder I felt like hell. I had Acute Pancreatitis. 

I finally succumbed to my wife’s will and agreed to go to the hospital on Wednesday night. They admitted me and started pumping me full of saline solution. I had become dehydrated, in some respects; yet, my legs were swelling which caused the severe pain and redness between my knees and ankles.  At the risk of frightening you, my urine was the color of cola: Brown! This was not good.

During the next twenty-four hours or so I was not allowed to eat or drink anything. No ice chips, no nothing! They gave me these green sponge sticks that I could dip in water and swab around my mouth. But I could not drink the water. This was to allow the pancreas to calm down. I cannot put into words how thirsty I was. I’m not sure what was worse; the pain in my gut; the pain in my back; the pain in my legs; or my extreme thirst. I did not sleep one wink that night.

At about 3am in the morning, I had to urinate. I called for the nurse to help me. Without going into the embarrassing details, it was going to be impossible for me to use the urinal while in bed. The nurse helped me to the bathroom where I let loose a gallon of Carmel colored urine. This is where I first truly surrendered. I had to call on the assistance of a stranger to help me pee. Talk about being humbled. It was one of the most important moments of my life. I had to let go of ego and give over my care to people I had just met.

Thursday morning the Doctor and Hospitalist informed me that my “numbers” were off the charts – and not in a good way. I didn’t understand the lingo but it was clear that I was really sick and they were really concerned. There was talk of sticking a probe down my throat and picking out the stone.  Then, they were going to take the gall bladder out. The problem was that the hospital did not have the facilities to handle someone as large as I am. Between my height (6-4) and girth, they were reluctant to proceed with any procedure or surgery.  This turned out to be a good thing.

Within the next twenty-four hours my “numbers” improved dramatically; and by Saturday afternoon I was released to recover at home. I probably should have stayed a day or two longer; but the Doctor’s were amazed at how quickly I was bouncing back.  The fact that I had never smoked; drank or been addicted to drugs; expedited my healing. Plus – I had hundreds of people praying for me.

In the two weeks since I’ve been home; I’ve had two more blood tests done and I am back to normal. I have an appointment to have my gall bladder removed in July to avoid another stone getting into my pancreas. I can now sleep through the night and lay on my side. I am pain free and my urine is back to a light yellow. Even my legs have returned to normal size and no longer ache.  

My taste buds have changed. The week I could not eat,  changed everything! The first thing I was allowed to consume was hot apple cider. It was like drinking from the fountain of life. I could not believe how wonderful this simple cup of cider tasted. I drank some pear juice and apple juice and it was Heaven! I wanted to sip and savor – and I did. I had no appetite for any of the foods that put me in this situation. (And this is still so!)

 I am eating lightly; cereal; pasta; soups; fruits and vegetables and have lost nearly thirty pounds.  I am walking – around the block – and it is good.

When I was in that very uncomfortable hospital bed, I gave it all to God. I did everything they asked. They spent an hour trying to find a vein for the IV. I was given shot after shot in my stomach to keep my blood thin.  My stomach had a giant red and purple blotch that only recently faded. I let go and let God. 

When I got up to walk around the Intensive Care floor I was on, I could see dozens of other patients, most, in worse shape than me. Most were MUCH older than me. I shouldn’t have been in there. I should have I been taking better care of the Body Temple. I met one fellow who was a similar age. He was overweight and awaiting triple by-pass heart surgery. I told him I would pray for him.

I have been reading/listening to Marianne Williamson’s A Course In Weight Loss.  The whole book is about admitting that only God – only Love – can heal the wounds that we carry around our waists. I had allowed Love to heal everything in my life except my obesity. For some reason, I wanted to manage my weight the old fashion way: I wanted to “earn” it.  I wanted to “Will” it away.  Frankly – I’m just giving it up to God this time. I’ll do my part. I’ll walk most days. I’ll learn to love and use food to live – instead of die.

As awful as this experience has been; it has been one of the great blessings of my life. The idea of eating like I used to makes me ill. I am now CONSCIOUS and AWARE of just how far off I was regarding my relationship to food and the feelings and emotions that were still weighing on my soul. 

I have surrender to Love. I give it all to God. My weight management is in God’s perfect hands. God is the only one strong enough to hold me in his/her arms.  No matter what your “problem” might be, and no matter how strong you are, it’s okay to ask for and accept some Dive Assistance.  

Surrender doesn’t mean to quit and give up – it means that you allow Divinity to lead the way to the Eternal Lightness of Being.

"God has surrendered to you, as you have to the well-being of
your children; God so adores you."-Douglas Holzmeier

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Divine Consciousness

Divine Consciousness

"You are the Consideration of Consciousness and the Fortitude
of Faith."-Douglas Holzmeier

I was debating on composing an essay on intuition or consciousness. My intuition tells me to go with Consciousness – and so it is. I also have written over 30 epigrams with the words consciousness; conscious or, consciously, so constructing this essay will be a breeze, which is the point of Consciousness.

"When something good shows, even before you consciously
know it is your desire, you have mastered the Law of Attraction."

My wife mentioned to me a couple of days ago that she had a dream where we were moving to the Toledo area; northern Ohio or Michigan. This surprised me because I was not pursuing anything in that area of late. Today I received an invitation to send an air check (a tape of my radio highlights) to a company in that part of the country. My consciousness has been wide open about where we will go next. I have had regular communications with the company in question. So, this potential position was in my sub-consciousness, just not my conscious, consciousness.

"You experience a reflection of what you are most experienced
at. Consciously choose your experiences!"

Think of your subconscious like a bucket of unfiltered water. It is murky because we take in everything we see; hear; touch; sense; feel; think; taste and believe. Our subconscious minds are constantly recording EVERYTHING – whether we are aware of it or not. And our unconscious mind does not distinguished between what’s real and what we feel is real. They are all drops of water in the pail. Good thoughts and experiences are clear/clean drops of water. Fear and doubt based thoughts and experiences create sludge. But, like dirty water in a glass, in time, as each new clear drop (thought) drips into the chalice of our minds, they displace the contaminated water (thoughts) and leave the clean.
"Conditions are created by consciousness. Change your
Consciousness, change your condition."

The subconscious and unconscious mind is also referred to as the subjective mind. If you think of it as soil, it accepts the seeds of belief we place in it, without objection. In other words, the soil doesn’t decide what the seed will be. YOU DO! Your consciousness (and unconscious) is creating based on your thoughts and beliefs 24/7/365. Your subconscious will provide you with the objectification of your predominant thoughts. As I say, you externalize what you internalize.  Ernest Holmes’ most famous quote is: “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” The problem is, most of this stinking thinking is below the level of conscious thinking. It takes time to wash the grit and grime of the unconscious mind. To speed the process, add conviction and faith to your positive thoughts and vision.

"A compromising consciousness consciously compromises your

Have you forgotten how successful you have been? If you have been successful once, you can (and will!) be successful again! The problem with problems is that we can get so far inside of them that we can’t find the original string of thinking that began the entanglement. Have you ever tried to find the end (or beginning) string to a ball of yarn? It can be maddening. One negative thought leads to another and chemicals in the brain produce a toxicity that literally can bathe your brain in what amounts to poison.  Professional (or personal) amnesia is poison!

"The divine pattern is perfect; it is only in our unconsciousness
that we've designed a puzzle."

Some suggest that All there Is – is – Consciousness. The Universe, as some perceive it, is God being conscious of Itself. Consciousness is Cause – whether it is Self (or Spirit) Consciousness or Sub/Unconsciousness – which is like the cruise control on an airplane. It’s important that the cruise control software has been programmed in an advantageous way. I suggest programming the conscious and subconscious Mind with love and acceptance. 

"Truth that doesn't expand consciousness and enlighten divinity
is but an ancient echo."

If you are having trouble deciphering what is real and eternal – ask if it is Love. Does your answer support the expansion and growth of Divine Consciousness or is it a shortcut to temporary appeasement? You can apply this to the food we consume. Is what you’re about to eat full of the minerals and nutrients of Divine Life or has it been processed to death? Both foods will sustain life for a time, but only one of those foods was created directly from; with; through; and as; Divine. An apple a day…

"Your thoughts are the consciousness of your character which
create your circumstances. Change your character, change your life."

I’m not going to list here all of my personal foibles and shortcomings, sufficed to say, most of them have faded away over the past four years. When you are feeding your Mind the good stuff (divine literature; philosophy; fellowship) you wake up one day realizing that you haven’t participated in that particular negative habit. And success is sometimes defined as the practice of positive habits. I know I am eating far more healthfully of late and it has little to do with will-power. Since I have been drinking more fresh fruit and fruit juices, I do not need to grab sugary treats. It wasn’t all that many decades ago that a person who displayed a “sweet-tooth” was compared to the town drunk or opium addict. Addiction; compulsion and obsession; can override a mind that isn’t thinking; acting and behaving consciously.

"We are not mere offspring of circumstance, we are the
children of Consciousness."

You are Divine Consciousness. You are God’s Best Idea! You are not a victim of circumstances – you are an heir of Divinity.

"Standing on the shoulders of others is a good way to fall
on your ass. Elevate your vision; raise your consciousness."

I think I was in an ornery mood when I wrote this one. I have put, probably, too much faith in the help of others over the years. There is a difference between attracting divine assistance and begging people to help you. People generally like to be helpful and charitable. They are less likely to aid when they are being manipulated and coerced. 

"Human beings have a compound consciousness. The question
is: What are you compounding?"

Don’t be confounded or confused! Be fully vested and interested in your dream. This week while reading a post at one of my favorite on-line sports sites, I noticed a story about a new movie that was written and directed by a fan of my favorite team. I clicked the link and read the story. My intuition began to take the lead. I searched the name of the fellow who made the movie and saw (and sensed) some commonality that was greater than just our affection for the same college football team. This director is a budding star. I looked for him on Facebook and found that he had just created a new page and I was just his second “Like”.

"True success is a matter of contemplation. Contemplation is of
conscious spirit; manipulation, of human ignorance."

Long story short, I congratulated him on his directorial debut. I also told him I was writing a screenplay and had a couple questions. One was about creating composite characters and the other was about getting representation. I also shared that my book was published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. He graciously replied with answers to my questions and said he was a big fan of Louise Hay’s books. He even said he was friends with a filmmaker who is associated with the Hay House film division – which is serendipitous because I had just written Hay House about the idea of turning You Are God’s Best Idea! into a documentary styled movie like The Shift or You Can Heal Your Life. Oh, and he offered to review my script when it is finished. No matter what does or doesn’t unfold eventually from these connections, what cannot be denied is the divine pattern that exists in the Universe like dots to be connected with and through a raised Consciousness. Author, Gregg Braden, refers to this as the Divine Matrix.

"Enlarge your consciousness and you increase the mold that
God's good can fill."

I call this Divine Consciousness. All the while I have been writing this screenplay I had little idea of who would ever see it. Because I was operating at a high level of awareness and consciousness – I have attracted, minimally, someone who can professionally critique my work and tell me if the story has promise. Most screenwriters never get beyond the 25th page of their scripts. It is a flight of fancy, not a burning desire or as Napoleon Hill puts it: Chief Aim. Call it what you will, but if your dream isn’t on your mind like a new lover, the passion will be fleeting and it will be replaced in your consciousness by the things you have more faith in.

"The consciously aware know that dead ends are simply signs of
life's new beginnings."

I’ve run into a lot of dead ends over the past two years. (And I have found a lot of new and exciting paths too!) A dead skunk (or any other animal) in the middle-of-the-road tells you nothing more than a skunk is dead. It doesn’t tell you what kind of vehicle hit the skunk. You don’t know if the skunk was hit during the day or night. You don’t know how many hundreds of other skunks crossed that road without incident. 

"The problem isn't the wall, it's the consciousness that
constructed it."

How well do you take rejection? When was the last time you were rejected? Could it be that you were not rejected? The acceptance of one is not necessarily a rejection of another. If you take things personally – you are a slave to ego. Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements are: Be Impeccable with Your Word. Remember – your Word is your Bond. Your Word is your Wand! Keep your Word – Magic! Don’t Take Anything Personally.  Unless you AGREE that the lack of a job offer is because you suck – then it isn’t so. Don’t Make Assumptions. Unless you AGREE that the delay in a phone call from last night’s date is a reason to be concerned, then it isn’t. Always Do Your Best. There are 310 million people in the United States and seven billion and counting on planet Earth. It is true you are good enough and more than enough – but so is EVERYONE else! A Consciousness of Excellence will assure that you are always putting your best Impression forward.

"Life is a stream of consciousness that flows where you know it
to go."

"The cure for insecurity is a consciousness secured in divinity."

"Until you expand your consciousness, life is like eating
soup with your hands - most of it slips through your fingers."

I may have written the epigrams above around the same time. When people ask me how my view of the Law of Attraction is different than most others I tell them that I start with Foundation. Just like any good architect or home-builder will advise – the structure must have a strong foundation.  Your inherent divinity is your Divine Foundation. 

"Today's poor decision is just a prelude to tomorrow's
catastrophic one - if you allow your consciousness to atrophy."

The majority of people give up on the “law of attraction” and “positive thinking” track because they don’t see the results they desire. It is a Cause and Effect proposition. As I alluded in the opening paragraphs, if your thinking positive and visioning is being counter-balanced by a deep down subconscious lack of worthiness; esteem and confidence from years or self doubt and persecution; then the Cause you are setting in motion is a weaker seed than you thought.  If this is the present case, use it as a blessed nudge to put more conscious FAITH; PEACE; LOVE and LIGHT into your Consciousness. It’s an inside job. An abundant consciousness is easy when there is money in the bank. It takes FAITH and CONVICTION and a real Power behind your positive thinking to manifest prosperity in the face of apparent lack. 

"It isn't that an expanded and enlightened consciousness sees
more things; it just sees the One thing It is."

I know I have used many of these epigrams previously. But a hit is a hit and Truth is True! There is only One Thing and it is God and it is Good and it is Love and it is your Love – your Good right here and now. See it All as Love and Love is All you’ll see.

"The average become conscious of what has come. The great
create what becomes."

Use your imagination! It is the only thing that isn’t limited and the only thing that no one can take away. Did you hear me? NO ONE CAN LIMIT OR DISCARD YOUR IMAGINATION – except, you. What becomes you? Just imagine.

I opened this Divine Consciousness chapter with this epigram that is worth repeating:

"You are the Consideration of Consciousness and the Fortitude
of Faith."

This literally means you are the Mental Analysis of God! It also means you are a Divine application; reflection; and thought. Used a slightly different way, it means you are also held in high regard; esteem; estimation; favor; mercy; and respect. And in one additional way – it means that you are a Divine Gift; a Commission; and a Reward!

Are you getting this? You are God’s Gift and Reward – to, and, for – God. This is the revelation that is missed by most. Just as a couple have a child as a gift to themselves and the world – so it is with you and God. And with this knowledge and acceptation – how could we think so little of ourselves? How did this EVER happen?

It’s up to you and me to remind people of the Truth!

You Are Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

"Convert your conditions with and through conscious volition
and divine conviction."