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Divine Thought

Divine Thought

"You are the boss of your thoughts. Hire the good ones - fire the
bad ones."-Douglas Holzmeier

I have been writing about how your thoughts create your reality for over three years. This thread runs through almost everything I’ve ever written. However - I had yet to write a Divine Acceptation chapter titled – Divine Thought. I’m glad I thought of it. Here it is.

As the opening epigram suggests - lest you exercise dominion over your thoughts, you will conceive a mutiny of the mind. What is fear? F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal. Who has been your most ornery adversary: Biff or Becky from 5th grade – or yourself? The New Thought movement - which you know best through the contemporary works of Louise Hay – Wayne Dyer  – Michael Bernard Beckwith – and even Oprah Winfrey – is rooted in the idea that God is with us – and we need only listen to our divine inner voice – the Essence and Presence of Infinite Intelligence - to lead and live an Undeniable Life.  

I have written many epigrams highlighting the importance of Divine Thought:

"Some trade divine thoughts for trivial ones, which lead away
from the light of divinity, to purposeless triviality."

"The Train of Thought brought you here, it will take you
anywhere you want to go."

"The Train of Thought is only as strong as its weakest think."

We all know that thoughts are things. We know that everything that has ever been and ever will be - begins as an idea – a thought. You Are God’s Best Idea! I say that because Life is the greatest idea and humans – at least on this planet – are the highest form of life. We can idealize and realize new thoughts and create new things.  We do this consciously or subconsciously – around the clock – so that is why it is paramount that you feel good about who you are and what you’re thinking. Not every thought is yours. You are not your brain. Some thoughts are just electrical storms passing through. As the opening epigram suggests – you can choose which thoughts are divine and which ones are nothing more than static interference.

"So comfortable is the elementary of old that precious few graduate to
schools of new thought.”

"Without New Thoughts, you get Old Things."

The advancement of humankind comes from new ideas – or looking at old ideas in a new way. Either way – it is a New Thought.  If you enjoy my material and the writings of the aforementioned icons above – plus authors such as Thomas Troward – Christian D. Larson – Wallace Wattles – Napoleon Hill and most of the participants in the movie The Secret – then you subscribe to the basic ideas of the New Thought - which began around 1840 in New England. The New Thought philosophy is rooted in Greek philosophy – most notably Plato and Plotinus. It receives much – if not most of its spiritual footing from the New Testament teachings of Jesus the Christ which emphasized the Brotherhood of Man in the statement that the “Father and I are One.” There is also an adaptation of the eastern philosophies and practices – including Buddhism – Hinduism – and the mystical forms of Judaism and more.  The basic idea is that Thought – is creative. You visualize what you desire and you bring it into manifestation.  I won’t rehash the formula here because I share it in so many other places but essentially – You thought it – brought it – bought it and own it. It’s your thing.

I don’t have room here to cover the entire history of the New Thought movement – but it is an American movement to be sure – which has spread across the globe. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby is considered the great-grandfather of this practice. Mary Baker Eddy studied under Quimby and later founded Christian Science. Emma Curtis Hopkins was a student and associate of Eddy’s who became the “teacher of teachers” having taught and influenced Charles and Myrtle Fillmore who founded the Unity church and Ernest Holmes who founded Religious Science.  Ernest Holmes and his church - which is better known these days as The Centers for Spiritual Living – wrote and molded the ideas that have changed the lives of the aforementioned Louise Hay – Michael Bernard Beckwith –  Mary Morrissy – Terry Cole-Whittaker – Neal Donald Walsh and millions more. In the 1940s – the biggest Hollywood stars – Betty Davis and Carey Grant – attended Ernest Holmes services in Los Angeles.  In the Wayne Dyer book called Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling -Dr. Dyer quotes Holmes several times. In the new Dyer book – Wishes Fulfilled – Dyer is heavily influenced by the works of Neville Goddard – another New Thought/Metaphysical teacher who emphasized the power of imagination.

"When Ernest Holmes told God he'd be for right thinking, God
was happy - knowing his child would express him thoughtfully."

The New Thought tree has deep roots and many branches. Because the philosophy is “open at the top” – meaning the revelation of Truth keeps on coming – there is little in the way of dogma or doctrine to mire the movement in the past.

"If God wanted us to only think the thoughts of the dead,
he wouldn't have bothered with the whole being born thing."

Quimby was a New Englander.  So were Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalists – who also believed in the divinity of man and included some of the most impressive list of intellectuals and writers in American history:  Henry David Thoreau; Margaret Fuller; Bronson Alcott; Walt Whitman; Nathanial Hawthorne; George Ripley and many other.

Among the transcendentalists' core beliefs was the inherent goodness (divinity) of man and nature. Transcendentalists believed that man can become his (and her) very best when they believe in themselves – are free-thinkers and self-reliant. Although categorized as an Intellectual Movement - the idea is Biblical. Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25) Your thoughts need to be working for your good – not dividing and separating yourself from your divine inheritance.

The transcendentalist’s principles are derived from the inner spiritual or mental essence of the human. Transcendentalists were strong believers in the power of the individual and divine messages. The Transcendentalists certainly influenced the New Thought movement.

"Your thoughts are analogous to wings. The greater they are,
the more consequential your flight."

Regardless of influences and origins – the idea that we are not just passengers on the plane – but the pilot of our dreams – appeals to most people, even if they have never heard of these movements and their respective personalities. The entire history of mankind – in a sense – has been a movement toward Truth and Enlightenment – with a lot of detours along the way; each misdirection the result of an ignorant or divisive thought.

 In 1895 the Boston Metaphysical Club’s summary of New Thought outlined some of the fundamental ideas of what New Thought is:

1.   All primary causes are internal forces. (The answer is within)

2.    Mind is primary and causative. (You decide)

3.   Man is a living soul now, a child of God, a spiritual citizen in a divine Universe. (You belong!)

4.   The remedy for all defect and all disorder is metaphysical, beyond the physical, in the realm, of causes which are metal and spiritual. (Divine Mind has the answer. Change your thought, change your life)

5.    God is immanent, indwelling Spirit, All-Wisdom, All-Goodness, ever-present in the Universe. (Inherent Divinity)

6.   Therefore evil can have no place in the world as a permanent reality; it is the absence of good. (What we call evil is behavior founded in fear)

7.   It believes in a divine humanity, a human brotherhood, and a divine Father/Motherhood. (We are divinity because we come from the Divine)

8.   It is profoundly religious. (Religious is defined as belief in divinity; as conscientious; reverent; spiritual; genuine and independent of outward appearances; circumstances and observances) 

9.   It believes in present and progressive revelation. (God is speaking if we choose to listen!)

10.             It would proclaim to man his freedom from the necessity of belief in disease, poverty, and all evil as a part of God’s plan. (We know that poverty is man-made. We’re fairly certain that man creates the evil he experiences. Could it be that disease is also a matter of thought? Thoughts of lack and discontent lead to stress which manifests dis-ease in the body temple which creates inflammation and inflammation is the underlying cause of the majority of our illnesses - according to most physicians.)

11.  Without a formal creed. (The creeds you live by are the thoughts you think and the thoughts you claim as your own.)

12.             It stands for the practice of the presence of God reduced to a scientific method; of living a selfless life through union in thought with a Power that is Love in action. (There is nothing you can be that is better than “Love in Action”)

13.            Bringing sweetness and light and peace to people – (Isn’t it wonderful?)

14.            Robbing death of its sting, though not specifically denying its reality – (When I had a near – near death experience – I was at total peace)

15. Taking the terror out of disease – (Knowing that you participate and affect your state of well-being – and that Life is eternal - offers peace.)

16.  And crowning life with the joy and health and abundance that are the rightful inheritance of every child of God. (You Are God’s Best Idea!!!)

New Thought is a philosophy that promotes a life of happiness through right thinking where your greatest ideals and imaginations can become present realizations.  Hot dog! I love it. I use it. And so do you every time you think a thought - which happens every single second of your waking life. (Maybe even your dream life, too) So why not raise your consciousness and direct those thoughts in order to create and live the Undeniable Life?

"Everything desires unity with a creator. A harvest of thoughts
finds its originator, along with the orphaned dreams of doubt."

There are some really good thoughts and ideas and dreams that were abandoned by those who didn’t think much of themselves. Those ideas are looking for someone with a greater faith to see them through. Think Big!

"Your thought forms the frame, your feelings paint the

Feelings matter. Good feelings create good results. Feel good now! Feel good about your dreams. Wake up each morning knowing that this day - you will continue to construct the life of your dreams. Every day I write something. It may be a thought – a chapter title – something. I do much of my best thinking in the shower. I learned that there are positive benefits to negative ions. The air around us is comprised of electrically charged particles. Positive ions are not good for us. They are the ions emitted by the TV or computer screens and other electrical devices which we are – now more than ever – being bombarded by. They contribute to negativity. Negative ions – ironically - are good. They heighten our awareness. They calm our nerves. They are generated by running water – like in a waterfall or your shower. I get my best ideas in the shower. I never knew why until recently.  The negative ions help clear and clean the atmosphere around you. Maybe that is why those atmospheric sound machines always feature a waterfall or crashing waves. Just the thought of falling water can create negative ions. And while you’re showering – remember that the thoughts you think and the words you speak are your song. Sing a few love songs.

"Just beyond the seen is the thing all seek, shaping the invisible
with the thoughts we think."

This epigram was among the first few I wrote.  I believe we literally shape the invisible. Everything of spirit is awaiting our word to take the form of our heart’s desires.  I proved this truth when I manifested my first book. I’m doing it again right here and right now. I am Love in Action – researching and writing and knowing that there will be a book in physical form called You Are God’s Best Idea! The Divine and Undeniable Life Coach Lessons. I know it is so – and so it is. What is it you know?

"Think it through. It is what you are doing with your thoughts -
thinking them out through you."

You are literally thinking THINGS through! What you are thinking is coming through. Your life is subject to your thoughts. No matter what God planned for you (Abundance – Health – Success – Peace) your free-will thoughts direct the brushstrokes of your life. In other words – you are a Masterpiece – but if you choose to take a crayon and place a mustache under your Mona Lisa – God will not stop you. Your wish will be fulfilled. 

"A thought sown in anger is a sour seed indeed."

"Your thoughts open the corresponding door."

On more than one occasion – I have been shown the door after a fit of anger.  I also have opened the door to long and fruitful relationships and professional success. I am now opening doors to a successful writing career which includes a Life Coach practice and Healing ministry that is allowing me to open the hearts and point the way to Peace – Love and Understanding. All of this begins with my thoughts – thinking I could – being Love in Motion – and trusting that my desires are born from Divine Mind.

"It's your thoughts that are scattered; not your Purpose. It is
your direction that is erratic; not your Destiny."

Your purpose is to love. Scattered thoughts lead to erratic navigation. I knew a woman I worked with some years ago who said she had a genius IQ of 160. This is literally off the Terman’s Stanford-Binet IQ chart. Paula – however – was scatter-brained. She wasn’t focused. Worse – she didn’t have high self-esteem.  You probably know people like this. Know that your Destiny is secure and All is Well in spiritual Truth. But to bring about the life that mirrors your divinity – you must have the Thoughts of Heaven. 

"To think the thoughts of God one must assume the position.
Locate love."

I heard Marianne Williamson say that the difference between us and Jesus – is that Jesus thought the Thoughts of Heaven. There was no separation between his thoughts and the thoughts of God. So when Jesus said “I and the Father are One” – he knew what he was talking (and thinking) about.

"The answer to most miracles is simply because someone
thought so."

Take a look around. Everything you see – the good and what you perceive as not so good – all started with thought. Make your thoughts divine. If you think with and through the love that resides within- you most certainly will manifest divine results. 

"Your thoughts are the consciousness of your character which
create your circumstances. Change your character, change your life."

It stands to reason that if you are thinking the Thoughts of Heaven and operating with and through love that your character will reflect these thoughts. If heretofore you have been disappointed with your behavior – know that all change begins inwardly. Life will change for the better if your thoughts change for the best!

"You become what you are when your thoughts are shaped by

Your thoughts will change for the best – when you accept that You Are God’s Best Idea! Allow your thoughts to be shaped by Heaven – with Love - the Divine Will of Love.

"These are my thoughts, with a right to fly, they have been set
free, no obligation to buy."

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