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Divine Silence

Divine Silence

"It is in the Silence where the professions of our hearts audibly
recount the stories of divine glory and eternal life."-Douglas Holzmeier

In the previous chapter we explored Divine Thought. Today – we go into the Silence. Silence is the voice of God. Silence is the only thing that cannot be divided. Silence is the epitome of Unity. 

I have often suggested that the Truth of any formal religion ought to be easily illustrated by a simple embrace. My religion is Love – and Kindness. The philosophy I love to write and share with you may require thousand of words – but its practice - needs none. Nor is it noisy. Does Love have a sound? The things we love often make sounds – but we love our children, for example, even when they are quiet. 

"Trouble travels highway of lies; swaying, staggering, with
fingers wagging and tongues lashing, while Silence trumpets Truth."

Neither the sunrise nor sunset – two visually beautiful representations of divinity – come with a soundtrack. We’ve heard (no pun intended) that there is no sound in space. This is because sound travels in waves and sound travels by making molecules vibrate. In order for sound to travel, there has to be something with molecules for it to travel through. Sound travels to our ears, on planet Earth, by vibrating air molecules. The large empty areas in deep space - between stars and planets - there are no such molecules to create a vibration. There is no sound in space. But there is energy! 

"There is creative energy in the Universe that is forever
unfolding. You can call it anything you want other than non-existent."

Energy is often used as a synonym for, or a principle of, God. There is abundant energy in space. According to a post I found on the Northwestern University website:
 “Even though most of deep space (the vast stretches of empty area between planets, stars and moons) is cold and dark, space is flooded constantly by electromagnetic energy. All stars in the universe produce energy and send it out into space. Planets, asteroids and moons reflect that energy back, glowing in the darkness. Virtually everything in space is in motion, so there is also kinetic or motion energy in space.”

Interestingly – almost all there really is – is Space. If you removed all the space there is in between all the matter of planet Earth – you would be left with about a football field worth of material substance. Think about that? Mount Everest would fit in the palm of your hand! Space – or as some suggest – Spirit – is really all there is and it is Silent – and it is God.

"Here's an idea - go to church to hear what God has to say -
you'll hear God best when it's quiet.”

Have you ever been in a church and just wished the preacher would shut up?! The more they talk the farther from Truth they get sometimes. I write this with the ink of sarcasm because, after all, after I finish my Practitioner of Healing curriculum – Ministry study is on the agenda for the next two years. I’m already planning to put a lot of divine pauses in my weekly talks – just so I can assure that my congregants can hear God in between my pontifications.

Speaking of my Practitioner of Healing curriculum – at the time of this composition – I was nearing the end of my practicum. A Practitioner is a person who has raised their Consciousness and Awareness to such a level that they are centered in Love and Truth. They know and understand the Spiritual Truth of our Divinity.  A Practitioner can assist a person in seeing and experiencing spiritual Truth. It is often done my simply reducing the alleged problem into a thought. Asking if that thought is really true and changing the thought, if necessary – thus changing what they believe and accept as true.

“Change your truth – change your life!”

A parent or teacher does this with children all the time. A child may have a fear of dogs because they saw a TV show where a dog bites someone. I was fearful of bees because I was stung by one at a young age. The fear that all bees were out to get me – attracted bees that DID get me - all the way to age 22! I got stung while I was broadcasting live on the radio once and I decided, right then and there, that I would not be afraid of bees anymore. I haven’t been stung since 1982!

"Like a bee in a field of flowers - what you desire is all around

Recently – as part of my Practitioner practicum – I performed the meditation part of our Sunday service. This is where I lead everyone into the Silence to hear what God has to say. I speak for a few minutes at the beginning while soft music plays and then we are quiet for about ten minutes.  After the Silence - I speak for a couple of more minutes followed by Affirmative Prayer Treatments for those who ask.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The idea is to still the mind. If you have ever tried to do this – you know how difficult it is to reduce the monkey-chatter going on in our heads. Until recently – the “conventional thinking” was that all of these thoughts are ours and we are responsible for the creation of each and every one. Through neuroscience – we are finding that our brains are firing neurons all the time and these chemical reactions can create odd thoughts. Depending on the amount of stress you’re experiencing, your diet and consciousness, what thoughts pop up in your mind – from your brain – can run the gambit from heavenly to hellish.  We all know people who suffer from some kind of mental illness and who see and experience hallucinations. We all hallucinate in our dreams and no one says you HAVE to accept your dream-thoughts as your own. And then there is the atmosphere itself - where thought transmissions are being broadcast by seven billion beings – some of which find their way into our mind. Just know that you can CHOOSE which ones are YOURS to construct your life with – even if they are being borrowed from someone on other side of the globe.

Be still and know God is. When I was guiding the center’s members into the silence it occurred to me that there are a majority of people who live their entire lives without EVER – stilling their mind. Stilling – means:  to allay – alleviate – arrest – balm – compose – quiet – settle – smooth and soothe. That sounds nice – smoothing and soothing your mind.  Some people NEVER attempt to stop, or even reduce the thundering murmurs of their mind.

 Mass consciousness - are the collective thoughts that the masses entertain and accept as true – that become what you could call – “conventional thinking”.  Conventional thinking, or race consciousness, fooled people into believing that the Earth was flat and the center of the Universe and heavy things don’t float and can’t fly. All of this, and so much more, was never true – but it was what we thought was so and so it was.

We must quiet the mind and listen for revelation. What is revelatory for me may be commonplace for someone with a far more enlightened consciousness. I try to write and share in a manner that is neither presumptuous nor reticent. The idea is to expand and express! Soul is seeking expression and expansion. I hope that I am adding tools and providing encouragement for you to express and expand because – You Are God’s Best Idea! You are God’s greatest expression and, through you, God expands Consciousness. No matter how big the Universe is – Its consciousness of Itself – expands through and with you!

"Until you expand your consciousness, life is like eating
soup with your hands - most of it slips through your fingers."

You don’t have to do anything but be still and know that God is. But when you do this – you WILL receive insights that expand your mind and you WILL desire to express them. When an idea for a chapter comes into my consciousness – I write it down. I contemplate and meditate and rarely allow a day past without doing what I am doing right now – expressing God in prose – in hopes that at least one person will say: “I never knew that” or “I always knew that!”. Either way – it will resonate with the Truth that is in you and spiritually stimulate you to action.

Ha! I just looked up the word encourage. Encourage literally means to spiritually stimulate! This is what happens when you go into the Silence and meditate. You will be spiritually stimulated to express Life and Love and Wisdom and Goodness and Peace and Understanding.

"It isn't that an expanded and enlightened consciousness sees
more things; it just sees the One thing It is."

I find that when I begin writing on one subject – it invariably overlaps into another. This chapter could just as easily be called Divine Consciousness – but it is ALL a matter of Consciousness. Without Consciousness – most theologians suggest there is NO matter. I’m not going to go there in this particular piece – other than to reiterate what I have shared a hundred times – don’t get stuck in appearances. You know that the runny-nose you had yesterday – that is as dry as the desert today – was just a short-lived circumstance that was not the Truth of your everlasting-being.  Things change – it’s true of illness; poverty; relationship status and most everything else.  And they will change again and again and again. It is Life.

God, however, does not change – and is still – yet it spiritually stimulates and animates all of Creation and is ready and willing to encourage you into living the Undeniable Life!

Ernest Holmes tells us that The Silence is where “We enter the inner chamber of our mind and close the door on all discord and confusion and commune with God, our spiritual consciousness.”

I encourage (spiritually stimulate) you to meditate and align with the Silence. It is there where you actively commune with your Inner Power and Wisdom as you consciously unite with Divinity.  It is in this Silence that you will experience the harmony of the Universe and fulfill the Divine exclamation that You Are the Light of the World!

Can you hear your calling? Are you listening?

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