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Divine Olbligation

Divine Obligation

“Change your thanking, change your life.”-Douglas Holzmeier

Did you have to read that one twice? Change your thanking – change your life.  In You Are God’s Best Idea! I wrote a chapter called Divine Appreciations. This was my “gratitude” chapter. For today’s Life Coach Lesson – I thought it would be good to remind us of the Power that is in the emotions and feelings of gratitude and appreciation – not just for past and present blessings – but for what is to come.

You know how much I love delving into the definitions and origins of words. Synonyms for gratitude include praise, honor, grace and obligation. How many of us acknowledge (another synonym) an obligation to respond to life with appreciation? 

"We know love as we reveal Love."

This is my favorite new epigram. We know love as we reveal Love. You can substitute all of the Divine Attributes for the word love. We know peace as we reveal Peace. We know harmony as we reveal Harmony. We know light as we reveal Light. We know beauty as we reveal Beauty. We know power as we reveal Power. We know wisdom as we reveal Wisdom. We know abundance as we reveal Abundance. And what is the best way to reveal these attributes of Spirit? Know who you inherently are. You Are God’s Best Idea! And this – in and of Itself (capitalized on purpose) – is a divine reason to be thankful. Consciousness and free-will afford us the opportunity to exercise gratitude or ingratitude.  In the movies from the 1930s and 1940s that I watched as a child – just about the worst thing that a kid could be called was an ingrate. Whether it was coming from a priest, a shopkeeper, a grandmother or corner cop - you knew being an ingrate was bad - even if you really didn’t know exactly what the word meant.

An ingrate is an ungrateful person – a thankless soul. Ingrate is also defined as a bounder – another old term that means reprehensible, a cad or a lout. It may just be me – but some of these old words need to make a comeback. If someone calls you a lout or ingrate – you get the idea that it is your BEHAVIOR they are commenting on – a behavior you can change!

(On a side note – I wrote this article on Saturday night. I was thinking out loud – and noted above how we have lost the use of perfectly good words and exchanged them for far more incendiary language which adds to human discourse. On Sunday, when I returned to this piece to edit and clean it up a bit – the lead article on is: Words Are Dying Right Now. Are You Helping to Kill Them? The interesting reason why words are fading is that your spell-checker is more interested in the “fit” of correctly spelled words than incorrectly spelled ones. New words come through innovation and evolution. Sometimes I write a word that I think exists – and it is a perfect word for I’m trying to say. But the word doesn’t exist to the spell-checker. Most people will succumb to the urge to get rid of the red line that is underscoring their “mistake”.  It takes a confident writer (person) to stick with the word they created. By erasing the new words that better describe our new ideas – we may inadvertently delete the idea – or at least the best way to articulate it. We are losing synonyms, too. It is why I always have the Thesaurus open on my desktop. In a 2000 word essay about gratitude – I need at least a few other ways to express appreciation. And for this – I am thankful.)

When I was starting out in the corporate world, a company wouldn’t dare skipping giving Christmas bonuses. My father always gave turkeys to his employees at Thanksgiving and Christmas in addition to cash. I got a Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel and $25 from a radio station I worked for in 1985 - and I thought it was just grand. I can’t remember the last time I got a Christmas bonus. A Christmas (or Seasonal) bonus was the way EVERY company – large or small – would say thank you. Companies are not saying “Thank You” to their most important assets anymore – and frankly – it is why more and more Americans are branching out on their own and becoming less dependent and more self-reliant. It was never the dollar amount that mattered – it was the thought. And that is why your thoughts of thankfulness matter!

I can’t remember who said it but – when you are thankful for what life has given you, life gives you more to be thankful for. A consciousness of thankfulness unfolds and attracts the higher vibrations of Divinity. Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow radio friend who is also a fan of metaphysics. He was laid off from the business and is now writing about his experiences – many of which are how he has attracted and manifested a plethora of blessings in his life and career. He was asking my advice regarding publishing his book, among other things. A week later I received a $75 check in the mail from him. This was unsolicited – yet very welcomed. I was just happy to be of service. His appreciation and acknowledgement of my time and expertise was congruent with our collective consciousness. This is how life works.

"I am most ignorant of my limitations and plan on remaining
that way, thank you very much."

The above epigram is offered tongue-in-cheek; but I hope you get what I mean. I’ve been tinkering with my screenplay in the last couple of weeks. Since 1982 I have had the thought in my mind that I am going to compose a screenplay about my first two years in radio. I remember standing next to and looking at the historic sign post at the edge of this particular town and saying: “I’m going to make you into a movie.” Not a month has gone by over the past 32 years that I haven’t revisited this idea. I’ve been jotting down situations and characters on file documents since 2009. Now – I’ve taken them out and have begun the process. I will add Screenwriter to my Twitter profile – affirming to the Universe what my desire; intention and purpose is – while adding a genuine feeling of knowingness and gratefulness NOW – for what is transpiring as the Universe conspires to fulfill my long-held dream. The combinations of belief, action and gratitude for the Universal Laws that make it so – make it so!

"When you get your hat handed to you, thank your opponent
for the complimentary class in humility, and hold your head high."

What is harder to do – but must be done – is have an appreciation for when things don’t go well or as you have planned. You are still in a perpetual state of blessing. God is present. I have had a pull to return to day-to-day radio broadcasting in recent months. How much of this urge is financially motivated or me just missing one of the great loves of my life – I have not figured out completely. I do know that by staying in a higher consciousness and blessing ALL OF IT – I probably have avoided taking a job well below the goals and dreams I’ve set. In the past I would have latched on to the first “kind of okay” job that came along. By believing and knowing that there is a Divine Plan in the works – one which I trust and have faith in – I am centered in well-being and peace, while using this “extra” time to continue to write my second book and the screenplay.

"Be thankful for what they've got, for it is proof of an abundant
Universe which awaits your acceptation."

In the first week of every new month I post the latest employment numbers for America. For 24 consecutive months (as of February 2012) there had been two straight years of positive private sector job news. Four million of us have gone back to work after this country suffered the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. I post this positive news and congratulate the 200,000+ newly employed and I affirm that soon it will be my turn. In reality – I never stopped working. I began writing YAGBI just one week after my layoff in September, 2010. I have been promoting the book and my message ever since. I have radio interviews in April scheduled on two of the most listened to metaphysical radio shows on the Internet. I write these essays several times a week which are doubling as chapters for the follow-up book. I stay in a state of gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for – for what has been – is – and will be. And so do you!

Write down what you are thankful about. Start with the big and obvious and continue until you reveal the once hidden - yet just as miraculous. Jack Canfield – one of the two forces (along with Mark Victor Hansen) behind the ridiculously successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books says that gratitude and appreciation are a very important part of his success. Some years ago he began writing a Blessings or Gratitude list and he was still filling up lines in his journal many days later. If nothing else – this exercise will focus and shift your attention on good things and raise your vibration while the not so good circumstances take a back seat. In time – as you keep your spirits and consciousness raised high – you find solutions to the old problems or they just fade away like the morning fog in the noon day sun.

"Be grateful for the gifts you have been given to give."

I discovered something that on the surface seems counter-intuitive. I post my new epigrams and thoughts on Twitter and Facebook on a near daily basis. I always appreciate the feedback. When I posted a recent update about getting my first Life Coaching paycheck – I received the most “Likes” and comments that I have ever had. The overwhelming love and support was touching. The lesson I learned is that although we put a great deal of emphasis on serving others – one way to serve is to allow people an opportunity to support YOU! I guess this shouldn’t be as shocking and surprising as it was – because this is how God works. Yes – God wants you to serve with love – but we ought not to forget that the Universe gets a kick out of supporting (loving) US! So while you are doing all of your good works – let God work for, with, and through you, too. God appreciates it!

"If something comes along that isn't what you wanted, be
grateful that it has come - to pass."

I was thinking about what it must be like to be an airline pilot. I’m working on a story that will comprise a future chapter that involves an airplane pilot who was blamed for a flight crash in 1985 where 31 people died – including him. The right engine disintegrated on take-off from Milwaukee yet the NTSB report decided it was pilot error that brought the plane down. I have discovered through some metaphysical circumstances and investigations that there is far more to the story and I’ll share that in a future essay. Nevertheless – a pilots job is often thankless and doesn’t pay nearly as well as one might think. I don’t know about you – but I don’t like the idea of pilots making modest incomes. Just seems to me someone with that kind of responsibility ought to be paid handsomely. Most are not. But they love to fly. And when the weather is bad – which it often is – they still fly. Does a pilot (or flight attendant) ever get used to turbulence; lightning strikes; rain; hail; snow; ice; mechanical problems; etc? Life comes with a degree of turbulence. It’s all energy. Sometimes the wind is in your face and sometimes it is at your back. None of life’s “bad” weather lasts for long. It comes and it passes and like our under-appreciated pilot friends – it is important to remain composed; poised; seated and upright – until the natural state of calm returns.

"Gratefulness paves the path to blissfulness."

This epigram has received a lot of ReTweets on Twitter. Our natural state is Bliss. Bliss is impossible to attain while offering criticism; holding contempt or being disparaging. It’s easy to realize bliss while centered in love and appreciation. LIVE YOUR BLISS!

"We thirst for appreciation but fail to drink from the fount of
gratitude; thus our propositions are parched."

I have a friend who recently emailed me that she didn’t feel appreciated; wanted or loved. I immediately replied to her email with some kind words and phoned her the next day while leaving an encouraging message. It took more than a week before she returned my call to let me know how she was doing. What you appreciate – appreciates you. Notice I didn’t say kowtow; cave-in; cower; or pander to. Those people most certainly will take you for granted. Those who you take for granted will eventually grant you release. I’m glad my friend finally got around to acknowledging my acknowledgement.  But her delay suggests that the reason she is experiencing abandonment and disconnection has more to do with her behavior – than others.

"You declare your appreciation for life with every breath you
take. Breathe deeply."

Before I begin a treatment for a client or myself – I begin by breathing deeply.  We should breathe deeply and with great gratitude more often – and from the diaphragm.  We are shallow breathers. We take 20,000 breaths a day – and most of us don’t do it correctly.  Breathing has been long considered essential for maintaining Chi, the life-force energy of Eastern cultural traditions. Americans are beginning to catch up and catch on to the benefits of deep breathing.

Nancy Zi, a Glendale, Calif.-based breathing expert and author of the book and video set, The Art of Breathing, says; "Breathing incorrectly can produce tension, exhaustion and vocal strain, interfere with athletic activity and encourage aches and illnesses”.  She adds that if you breathe correctly, you can "melt away tension and stress, improve energy or simply relax and unwind." Don’t take your breathing for granted!

I’m grateful for the readers I have had; have – and will have. Each and everyone motivated me to write; share and love.  You have all been the bliss and blessings on my path as a writer; teacher and coach.

Thank you very much - in advance – for the best and rest of the journey.

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)
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