Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: February 8, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for:
February 8, 2012
"If you want bigger fish to fry, expand your pan."-Douglas

Today's epigram was inspired by a joke I heard that goes something like this:

There were two friends fishing in a boat on a Sunday afternoon.

The first friend could not help but noticed that the second friend would measure every fish he caught by spreading his hands about six inches apart- and throw back the ones that were longer.

After a couple of hours - Friend #1 asked Friend #2 why he was throwing back all of the bigger fish.

Friend #2 replied - spreading his hands slightly apart: "Because my frying pan is only this wide."

I love that joke. I love its metaphysical implications even more. How many of us are limiting our Good by accommodating our abundance with a thimble-sized Consciousness? I love watching the Food Network. I especially like watching Guy Fieri's: Diners; Drive-Ins and Dives. It is extraordinary how many ways there are to making fish sandwiches.  The same is true for Hamburgers; BBQ; French Fries; Biscuits & Gravy; Grilled Cheese; Pizza and Milk-Shakes!  These cooks and chefs are limited only by their imaginations. And the more imaginative they are - the more customers who love their creations - come to enjoy them.

There is an Intelligent Law that does unto us what we believe. How much Good do you want? It will be determined in great part by how much Good you can embody. We need a Mental Equivalent. I know I am mentioning Eli Manning for a third day in a row - but his story is also one of Mental Equivalent. If Eli would have grown up in a home without the example of success he saw with his father and brother - he would not have had the Mental Equivalent of the professional quarterback. Eli does not have the strong arm or pin-point accuracy of brother Peyton or the swiftness of father Archie. His skills are not that exceptional - but his belief and faith and real-world experience - are! He used them to forge a mold large enough to pour two Super Bowl rings into.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many actors named Baldwin? Only one is ultra talented - but the other three brothers had a Mental Equivalent on order to follow in Alec's imprints. Success knows Success. Like attracts Like. This is why getting a Mentor or Life Coach is essential. A Navigator - wise counselor or teacher - a sponsor or supporter - is what almost every person of great accomplishment has had. You might be surprised how many great golfer's; tennis player's and boxer's career's dived or went off course after they lost or changed their caddy; coach or manager. This is true of almost all co-creative enterprises. Start with your inner Guidance.

It is okay to buy or borrow another's imagination. Life is a gift exchange. You don't have to go it alone. One of Napoleon Hill's most imitated success rules is that of the Master Mind group. Did you ever notice how so many successful people are connected and intertwined with other similarly successful people? Birds of a feather flock together. How is the stock of your flock?  Because I have successfully published a book - I know of at least a half dozen friends who are now writing books that had only been a bit of a fancy heretofore. I am their Mental Equivalent. And it brings me great joy.

As I grow and expand - I am finding myself meeting people who are already there - and are willing to share. They respect the person who put in the extra effort to get where they already are. If you're looking for respect - you'll find it along the extra mile.

Today's Undeniable Life Coach Lesson isn't about buying a large house to store stuff in. It is about expanding your Consciousness to allow and accept the biggest and best ideas in and not be bothered by the fact that it may well mean taking a little extra time to scale and gut the parts that do not serve the greater good.

You are no small fry. You're going to need a bigger boat! There is a Panoramic View on the Starboard. The big fish are inviting. You are Captain Fantastic!

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)

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