Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Divine Solutions"

"If you see yourself as the problem - you can never be the solution. Solute yourself!"-Douglas Holzmeier

You may have a problem – but you are NOT a problem. You certainly are not your problem. Just as you are not your job; income; political party or religious denomination – you are divine and important – needed and necessary – loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

So - you may say – what about the person whose behavior is so destructive that people define them by what it is they do and have done. You are not the worse or best thing you have ever done. You are who you are – a child of the most high. She is not the sexiest woman of the silver screen – Marilyn Monroe – she is Norma Rae – perfect, whole and complete; yesterday, today and forever and a day. He is not Rock Hudson – handsome leading man and box office star of the 1950s and 60s – he is Roy Herald Scherer junior of Winnetka, Illinois – an eternal soul who graced us with his rugged good looks and million dollar smile – for awhile – and returned home with as much divine favor as when he arrived – perfect, whole and complete.

"The problem isn't the wall, it's the consciousness that
constructed it."-Douglas Holzmeier

Sure – you may say – those are two examples of Hollywood Royalty but what about the average Jill and Joe who self destruct. You mean like a Norma or a Roy? You can build yourself up or knock yourself down. In the case of Monroe and Hudson – and most of the rest of us – we do both: Building ourselves up and knocking ourselves down. Sometimes we get a little help from our friends – sometimes we get a little help from alcohol and drugs – who we substitute for friends – proxies for love.

"Those who live in boxes answer problems by hiding in corners
and flipping their lids."-Douglas Holzmeier

As I have consistently shared in just about all of my writings – love is always right where we leave it. God is where we placed God. Is God out in front of us where God belongs so when people look at us they can’t help but see God first – or have you placed God – which is our love – somewhere back there?

The answer is always love. Love – is the answer – the solution to every problem. You are love. So you cannot be the problem. You are from God – made of God – made from and of Love. You are the solution. You are the answer to your prayer. Enlightenment is the understanding that you are the answer to your own prayer.

"All problems seem larger when seen from the narrow view."-
Douglas Holzmeier

In the epigram that opens this chapter I suggest that you Solute yourself. The epigram not only sounds good but it reads almost like a riddle that solves itself. The definition of “solute” is the thing being dissolved in a given solution. If eating too much is the problem you have – you can immerse yourself in a solution of self love and the overeating problem shall dissolve. This is true of every problem but in our society we have elevated some problems to a status so high we have practically placed them on an altar – not to be given up to God but almost to be worshiped alongside God. You cannot unite and be one with the Great I AM while claiming that you are something God is not. It may be true that I am temporarily carrying around extra pounds in the form of excess fat – but I would be doing my Creator a great disservice if I proclaimed that I Am Fat! My body has been overfed – that is true and it is my responsibility to take better care of it but as C.S. Lewis said: “You don’t have a soul – you are a soul. You have a body.” And any problem associated with your body may be something you have – but it is not something you are!

"All problems are projects; opportunities for constructive
projections."-Douglas Holzmeier

See yourself as the solution. You can own up to the lousy circumstances you have assisted in creating – but you are not your circumstance or your appearance – anymore than a starving child in Africa is their circumstance or a cancer patient their illness. These are things that are – but these things are not you! You are not starvation. You are not disease. You are the attributes of God: You are Wisdom! You are Light! You are Power! You are Peace! You are Beauty! You are Truth! And most importantly – You are Love!

Affirm these divine attributes with me and say: I am Wisdom – I am Light – I am Power – I am Peace – I am Beauty – I am Truth – I am Love!

"The problem with the world is; it keeps trying to transcend its
perfection instead of owning up to it."-Douglas Holzmeier

Your problem may be alcoholism – but you are not an alcoholic. Call on the Higher Power that resides in you and be One with God and claim this Power and live your life with, through and as Truth – as Wisdom – as Light – as Power – as Peace – as Beauty – as Love – as God! Just as pure clean water poured into a glass of murky-cloudy water will soon be filled with only the clean pure water, so it is that an immersing of your Mind and Spirit in the attributes of God will soon reveal what has always been divinely true of you and me: Divine Perfection!

"Most problems are just puzzles we're too fearful to peace
together."-Douglas Holzmeier

Solute Yourself! Dip yourself into a great big ole tub o’ Love. Allow your troubles and problems to dissolve away. Don’t empower your problems – make a powerful solution of Peace, Love and Understanding.

You are not your problems. You Are God’s Best Idea! Accept this and live the Undeniable Life!

"The reason no one wants to deal with the elephant in the
room is they see the problem, instead of the solution - peanuts."-Douglas

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