Monday, August 22, 2011

Save a Prayer

The objective of my life is to contribute to the raising consciousness in the world we breathe in. By informing the people of this planet that they are necessary and needed, loved and the Beloved, it makes for a divine foundation. An acceptance that You Are God’s Best Idea!, should stir some wonderful ideas of your own. In a high station of vibration and awareness, these ideas will most likely be the ideas of God anyway. Now that’s a Divine idea!

In my spiritual practice, we have a way of praying that is sometimes called a treatment. It has five simple parts that together, form a very powerful model for clearing your mind of anything that doesn’t concern the prayer. The structure is as follows:

1. Recognition: This is a statement that “God is all there is and all there is—is God. There is only One Power and it is a Power for Good.” (This can be stated in an infinite number of ways, but you get the idea.)

2. Unification: “I am united and One with this Power; this Goodness, which is God.” (Again, this can and is expressed in a different way almost every time I pray. The idea is to consciously unify your consciousness with God’s Divine Mind.)

3. Realization: This is an affirmative statement in the present tense declaring that what is desired already is. The reason this is done is because you are a perfect idea in the Mind of God. We want to peel back the temporal appearances of illness, for example, and reveal the usual state of well-being. “I am Perfect, Whole and Complete. I am healthy. I am well. I know this to be spiritually true and I embody the spiritual Truth of my well being right here and now.” The important thing to remember is that you are not petitioning God for your Good, because God is always giving what God is: An Abundance of the Divine Attributes which are, but not limited to; Wealth; Health; Happiness; Joy; Power; Peace; Light, and Love.

4. Thanksgiving: This is where you express acknowledgment and appreciation for the Spiritual Truth of your prayer. This is where we thank the Universe in advance of the manifestation of the treatment. It is done to you as you believe. This is the gratitude part of prayer. Showing gratitude prior to the unfolding of the desired condition is an exhibition of your Faith, which is part and parcel to your consciousness, which we will explore below.

5. Release: This is where you release the seed of your idea or desire into the fertile soil of Divine Mind. Just as the farmer plants the seed into his field with an absolute knowing that what he has sown will yield a harvest, we do the same with a Spiritual Mind Prayer treatment. We do this knowing that there are Universal Laws which always work. Just as Gravity is impersonal, so is the Law of Action. The farmer’s soil does not reject the potato seed because it is anticipating tomatoes. We reap what we sow. With this in mind (literally) I offer this example of Release. “I release these words, the spiritual truth of my divine health and well being, into the sacrosanct Law of Action, knowing it is as I believe."

And So It is.

The phrase, And So It Is, is another version of, Amen. It means the exact same thing. I like to use, And So It Is, because, the so reminds me of sow, which is what I’ve just done—sown seeds of spiritual Truth. It is also the exclamation point of the prayer. As I type these words using a Word Document, it occurs to me that And So It Is, is also like clicking the SAVE button. This document file is just a bunch of symbols until I click Save. I could print this out right now, but it wouldn’t be a saved file, (nor a finished essay) simply a paper copy. And we know what happens to paper. Paper tears. Paper burns. Papers get lost. Dogs eat paper. Paper stains. (Who wants a stained prayer?) Paper isn’t permanent. Once printed, you can’t fix the errors or change the document in any beautified way. Recently I went through dozens of boxes of old paper documents from the 1980s and 1990s I had stored in the garage. I cringed every time I looked at a type written letter with typos, white out, misspelled words, and more. These documents, many of which were memos and business correspondence, were not favorable representations of my thoughts and intentions. They were not favorable reflections of me!

Thank God, we have spell check! The composition software even fixes spelling errors as we type. (Be careful though. Sometimes it misreads your intention and places the wrong word!) There are red underlines when the program perceives a grammatical mistake. We make the corrections; save our word documents as a file for easy retrieval, basically saying, And So It Is! So, where am I going with all of this?

With prayer, just like a document file, before you “click save”, you haven’t made an affirmative choice and created a tangible product. It is just thoughts and ideas represented by symbols until a commitment has been made and preserved. When we pray, there must be a conviction to the prayer and faith in the process. That is why I encourage you to consciously unify with God as you begin your prayer. State the prayer in the present tense with all the glory of spiritual truth you can embody and give great and sincere thanks that what you have treated for is true. Release this Truth, which should be expressed with strong, affirmative emotion and feeling, into the fertile field of Divine Mind and accentuate the prayer with a heartfelt: And So It Is!

Prayer is not powered by need or mercy. You do not have God’s grace because you are wicked; you are graced because you are a divine child of God! (By the way, the word wicked in Biblical times simply meant a person who was not practicing the Hebrew faith to the letter of the Law. Essentially, EVERYONE qualified as wicked, even Jesus, who told everyone to basically, lighten up about all that judgment and stoning stuff.) Prayer is not sorrowful. Prayer is powered by Faith! And as you probably know by now, faith is represented by your level of consciousness. This consciousness determines, in great part, the conditions and circumstances that arise in your life. There are variables, and some people believe that a certain amount of turmoil is inherent in the human condition. Well, you know what I believe is inherent; your divinity! Even so, there is no contention to the idea that the higher your consciousness, the more poise you will possess and present in the face of a storm. You simply know that—this too, shall pass.

If you read, You Are God’s Best Idea!, I wrote that the average person has upwards to 60,000 thoughts a day. The vast majority of these are conscious thoughts. Meantime, the unconscious, or, subconscious mind, is downloading EVERYTHING it senses. Everything it hears, sees, smells, touches, and tastes. (It is probably downloading sixth sense sensations as well!) Everything you experience (or think you experience) is recorded on the hard drive of your mind. For this discussion, I will stick to the concept of the mind as being above the brain, although, naturally, brain functions are intricate in the equation.

As all of this information is coming in, you are attaching feelings and emotions to all of it—consciously or subconsciously. Positive emotions are attached to positive thoughts and events and negative emotions are bonded to negative thoughts and experiences. All of these thoughts and experiences are downloaded and filed accordingly and all of them are used to help (or hinder) as you navigate your way through life. This is the state of your consciousness; which affects your experiences; how you act and react to the present, and project into the future. It is why a past negative event keeps corrupting your life because the feelings and emotions connected to the memory file are a contamination—a virus!

The feelings you rivet to these downloaded information files, which may number in the millions a day, every day, for your entire life, consciously or subconsciously, are infected by contradiction. That is, they are contradictory to living the divine and Undeniable Life of your dreams. A negative thought, held in mind, replicates with every additional negative thought associated with the first negative thought. Soon, you are spiraling downward as these conscious thoughts trigger the billions of previous held thoughts, which have been affixed with the invalidating virus of negative emotion. Can you see how easy it is for a person who is already vibrating in the lower frequencies of doubt and fear, to be propelled into a state of depression? This is all taking place in the inner space of mind. We haven’t even touched upon the idea that these negative energies then attract the life sucking energies that other people in the vicinity are producing! Let’s just stay focused on you for now.

You might say, “Well, I guess we’re all screwed! How the hell does one ever stop the madness!! You have to change the character of the virus. You have to detach the negative feelings and emotions from those billions of thoughts and events. You cannot change the events of your past but YOU CAN CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM. You can take back the negative connotation you gave those thoughts and circumstances in a Holy Instant. You can forgive everybody and everything, thereby, detaching yourself from them. In an alleviated state of consciousness you could even see those past (and present) events and conditions as good; transmuting the energy to a higher frequency. I choose not to use the word quarantined. A quarantined pathogen can still do great damage if it gets loose in the future. (Also known as the ever-present, now) A tragedy ascended to the level of blessing in a spiritually mature mind, can be a black balloon note for someone who is just suppressing memories. Minimally, I suggest that you rescind the negative energy linked to those corrupted memory files, so the YOU inside those events, is healed.

It is we who choose to attach significance to any documentation. We give the Declaration of Independence and Constitution their platform in our consciousness. It is the patriotic feelings and emotions that we join to them that will their power, not the parchment or pen. The Power is in the People, which produced these democratic ideals to begin with. Actually, I believe that (many) of these high ideals were downloaded from Divine Mind.

I did suggest that all of your thoughts are fastened with your feelings and emotions. So, yes, your positive thoughts are also imbued with viruses! But who says a contagion cannot be positive? A positive virus of the mind replicates itself in the same way a negative one does. A positive thought leads to a positive emotion that leads to another positive thought that triggers all those embodied positive thought viruses that generate a power field of magnetic energy that then attracts the constructive energies that are in the divinity that's in the vicinity and before you know it; you find yourself—-in a state of Bliss! (I’ve visited there a few times. Simply, Heaven! No income tax either

Earlier I referenced clicking the Save button when you are finished with your Word document. The latest versions of most composition software have an Auto-Save function. Every time you write something additional, the document is automatically saved so you don’t lose what you were working on. Your progress is secured.

I believe that when you are centered in Love and Light; what some call God or Christ Consciousness; you see and experience everything as Light and Love. You not only don’t bind negative feelings and emotions to the circumstances and conditions in your life, but you see and project a positive perception to all your experiences. An enlightened soul is even able to extend a miraculous view of those in the most dire straits. Isn’t this what Jesus did? He did not see the alleged affliction; he only recognized and acted on their Faith and his Divinity.
And so it is with prayer. God can only do for you what God can do through you. Those whom we call Masters or Avatars are those who are praying, ceaselessly. They are consciously thinking the thoughts of Heaven, that all is good and all is God. God and Goodness is what they experience because God and the Kingdom IS their experience.

We can view all the earthly extremes as variations on the Divine Theme. The Valley is as praise worthy as the mountain. The sunrise is as awe inspiring as the sunset. Death, no less necessary as birth. All is God. God is All.

With an Enlightened consciousness, every moment is Holy; every thought is a prayer of appreciation; and it is all worth saving.

~Douglas Holzmeier

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