Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perfection in Progress

Recently I saw a Facebook post by a prominent spiritual teacher who suggested that we are not perfect, but we are on our way there. I know what she was trying to convey, but it isn’t spiritually true. I’m not even sure if it holds up as truth on the earth plane.

"Enlightenment comes when you are finally able to wipe all the sleep from your eyes."-Douglas Holzmeier

Isn’t it time to awaken to the Truth of our inherent divinity? Why, pray tell, is a person less perfect than an animal such as the Eagle? No one says—"There goes one of God's imperfect Sparrows or Bears." Even the mouse and snail are perfectly good mice and snails. Why would God's highest earthly life form be less perfect than the mountain lion or house cat? Does anyone ever say when a baby is born that it is anything less than a glorious Miracle? When does this perfectly divine creature known as the human being become "imperfect"?

Is it defective because it crawls before it walks and walks before it runs? When it decides she wants a cookie an hour before dinner and Mommy says “NO—you mustn't have a cookie or you'll spoil your appetite.” Does the five year-old become imperfect when he fails to color inside the lines or asks for assistance with those pesky shoe-strings? How many push-ups does a 10 year-old have to do in a row to qualify as impeccable in the eyes of a person who is convinced there is simply no perfection inherent in the people who inhabit God’s otherwise perfect planet? Is the 14 year-old wholly inferior because of the onset of acne or the C she receives in Algebra while acing all her other subjects? How many times would a single mother have to get married to erase the questionable choices that led to her “unfortunate” situation?

"The thirst for illusion leads to the submergence of truth."-Douglas Holzmeier

Only PERFECTION can come from PERFECTION—which is God. Choices we make as inexperienced children and evolving adults that result in varying degrees of success, do not make us any less suited for perfection than the puddle producing puppy or the Irish Setter who runs across the highway and gets hit by a car. Was this beautiful canine 3rd-rate because it was startled by the noise and commotion of rush hour traffic? Please don't confuse temporal appearances for spiritual reality. As I write in my book "You Are God's Best Idea!"—we are a perfect idea in the Divine Mind of God as much as the Rose or Dove, symbols we use to signify perfect Love and Light.

Some might argue, and with much circumstantial evidence, do argue that if we are perfect, how does a Hitler exist and rise to a position of power and wield such terror and horror?

"The only good is love and faith; the only evil is fear and doubt."-Douglas Holzmeier

First of all—let’s be clear; Adolph Hitler never rose to power. The Universe never pushes back against Power. There is only one Power and that is a power for good, which is God. Hitler descended to the position of Force with a mind that was consumed by terror and horror. We don’t have time here to document how and why that happened but it was clearly a result of fear and doubt, not faith and love. I propose that there never has been a more fear-filled person than Hitler. He was the polar opposite of Jesus, who was a fully orbed being of Light, Faith and Love.

"A faith you propose should bring repose otherwise you're just disturbing the peace."-Douglas Holzmeier

All conflict, especially war, is an exhibition of fear through Force. The pattern repeats until everyone is dead or forgets what all the fuss was about. Sometimes, someone decides to surrender to Love, which is Power, to resolve hostilities. Or, should I say, evolve hostilities. Moving the debate from a lower vibration of fear and doubt to the higher consciousness of faith and love where false appearances and illusions of combat cease; is Peace.

"Since God is eternal, your invitation is made in the unremitting now; your peace is reserved."-Douglas Holzmeier

Here’s the crux of the matter; my epiphany. Human beings are at war with each other because we insist in seeing each other as individuals or groups of imperfection. What we fight over is: Which of us is a little less imperfect than the other? For example, the ancient crusade continues as to who is more “Holy” than the other among religions.

"Those who are afraid of their own shadows will have contempt for yours."-Douglas Holzmeier

In Rwanda, 800,000 Tutsi were slaughter by the Hutu in the 1994 genocide. The history of this African region is complicated. With the arrival of Catholic missions in the African great lake Region, there was a resistance from the Tutsi community to Christian conversion. The missionaries were successful, however, with the Hutu. Properties of the Tutsi were taken and given to Hutu. This was the beginning of the conflict between the two ethnic groups, who, theretofore, had peacefully coexisted.

If you saw the movie, “Hotel Rwanda”, you see where the Hutu, in deciphering just who is Tutsi or Hutu, do so by observing the length of noses. The Tutsi originally came from Ethiopia where longer noses are characteristic. That’s how insane war can be.

"The cure for insecurity is a consciousness secured in divinity."-Douglas Holzmeier

We were created as the beings that God wanted, even needed, in order to express God best. The fact that we don’t do that well due to amnesia and ignorance doesn’t change the inherent Truth of our divinity. Maybe Socrates had it right when he wrote:

"The only Good is Knowledge. And the only evil is ignorance."

According to Genesis, you, as a representation of the human race, were the very last thing God created. In other words, you are God’s exclamation point to creation and perfection, not the period in its destruction!

"When would now be a good time to accept you are a child of the Most High and inherit your Divinity?"-Douglas Holzmeier

You are divine; loved and the Beloved. You Are God's Best Idea! and God's best ideas are perfect.

"It's time to use your perfection to progress your perfection."-Douglas Holzmeier

I trust this gives you peace.

~Douglas Holzmeier