Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Truth About Adam and Eve

Last weekend while sleeping a very vivid message came through loud and clear. Who it was from or where it was from isn't as important as what I received. As you are about to find out, the Adam and Eve story isn't about trying to "get away with it" as much as it is a trying "to get away FROM it" story and how that doesn't work so well.

For years, like most people, I have had issues with the story and its message. The traditional take is that God kicked his first two children out of paradise for being disobedient. Fairly big kick in the crotch for one damn apple. About a decade ago there was a book that tried to make the case that Adam and Eve were BLESSED by the whole snake and fruit episode by being able to bare children and learning the value in a hard day's work. I kind of liked that one but it was purely conjecture and not based on any truth.

In my recent dream, where it is said by many that the dream state is as relevant and real as our so-called awaken state, I was told this simple, I believe, Truth:

"God is Love. Love is the only directive from God. Love yourself. Love your fellow man. Do everything with a consciousness of Love and you are with God in all the things you do. When you do anything without Love, you are acting separately of God. The lesson to take from the tale of Adam and Eve is simply that the act of eating the forbidden fruit was not an act of Love. Not an act with God. There was no judgment on God's part. God could no more judge and condemn these characters, which in reality are you and I, than God could condemn Itself. This story is not about disobedience and only somewhat about consequence. It is simply a reminder that you and I are to Love because we are made of and from Love and when we are making choices outside of Love we step away from our Source and forget who we are."

When we forget who we are we do things that range from silly (like eating a piece of fruit that may not be as good as the others made available) to tragic. Nothing tragic results from Love.

As @Michelle__Clark wrote today on "We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end."

That is it my friends. Love.

I recently wrote the following tweets about God and Love:

"We Were Meant To Be Lovers. Do we understand? God made us to Love...each other. That is It. It is what matters."

"You have One primary responsibility. To Love. Everything good comes from and through Love."

"Do what you do with Love and through Love. Only when we think and act without Love (God) we suffer consequences. It is that simple."

"Do One thing. Love. The One Thing Is Love. It doesn't do anything but Love. It is why you are here."

Adam and Eve are representatives of you and I. They were and are Loved and Beloved. They did what we do multiple times a day: Think and Act without Love/God. Our responsibility is to reduce those moments to the point where we are rarely without Love and God directing our thoughts and actions.

The Adam and Eve story isn't about "trying to get away with it". It is about when we try to "get away from it", as in when we get away from God and Love, things don't go so well. Stay with It. Love. God.

L O V E.

I love you.



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