Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Are Inside What Is Inside You

God is Love.

Know this and know all there is to really know. Everything is connected to this simple Truth.

God is Love.

Everything of God and from God is Love manifest whether spirit or form. Everything in its natural state, in the state in which God meant it, is Love.

When you are consciously living Love you are doing so with and through God. You are resonating with God. Vibrating God. This God consciousness is a place everyone has experienced. When it happens it is usually brief but, oh so profound. Certainly babies have this. They are just being what God created them to be: Themselves. Love. They know not their name, their nationality, their ethnicity. They know nothing other than they are, and they Love.

Your foremost responsibility, if you call just being who you are a responsibility, is to Love. The Divine resides in you so recognizing and allowing what is already inherent in you shine forth is the idea. And all of what you see is an idea. You are God’s idea. Think of that? Because you are that.

Remember: You are inside what is inside you. Love.

All the emotions and feelings we use to describe variations of Bliss; Joy; Comfort; Elation; Merriment; Revelry; begin with Love. And Love begins with God because God is Love.

The Adam and Eve tale is not a "trying to get away with it" story. It is a "getting away from It" story. Eve and Adam, when they took part in that apple thing, they were consciously a-part from Love; they were a-part from God. Mankind was not condemned because of one or two bites of a Golden delicious; but it was the first time they consciously acted without God in Mind. That’s all. And that’s All. Because God is All and All is God so All should be done with and through God. With and through Love.

This is our natural way of being. We can all remember our early years when joy and peace were what we were all about. It is my suggestion that you can connect all human strife, from small agitations to catastrophic tragedy to thoughts and actions individually or collectively that were done without Love. Without God.

Love is Love. God is God.

It is important to note that I am not speaking about love for a thing. Or love of a thing. Millions have been murdered for the love of Country and for the so-called Love of God.

I am talking about acting through and with Love. Through and with God. And if God is Love as we profess, and Love is kind; thoughtful; tender; mild; beautiful; joyful; peaceful; then we know it isn’t the opposite of these attributes. It is not selfish; judgmental; unkind and it never condemns because there is no redemption in condemnation. God does not condemn.

If a person fully recognized that their father/mother/One; were Love, so they could be nothing other than Love, then all they would have to do is BE who they already are. The puppy has no trouble being a puppy. There’s a reason it’s called Puppy Love.

Where there is no Peace, there is instead Fear. And as I’m sure you have heard the opposite of Love isn’t hate…it is Fear.

I believe that opposition in Life comes only from what you oppose. Opposition seeks opportunity. It can't oppose you if you haven't already suggested to the Universe that you are in opposition to it. And we oppose what we fear. And fear is the opposition to Love. And fear opposes Love like dark fears Light. When there is Light there is no darkness when there is Love there is no Fear. Fear disappears in the presence of Love. Of God.

Align with Love. And Love aligns with You. Love is God. And Love is the Answer. The question? What is God? Is that all there is? Yes! All there is; is Love. If you choose to look through the eyes of God. All there is; is Peace, if you choose to live life with and through Love; through Peace; through God. And God is Divine, as you are.

If you are having any difficulty in fully understanding what I’m sharing, that’s OK. There is no commandment to Understand, just to love God and your neighbor as yourself. That “as yourself” is key because if you don’t love yourself you cannot love God and neighbor. Remember, you Love yourself just as you love everything else, through and with God. With God---YOU CAN---love yourself, your neighbor and, yes, God. That is the miracle. God receives your love when you use God’s love to Love God.

With this knowing, comes Peace. I don’t believe anyone armed with this awareness could ever harm another soul.

Love and Learn. It is Why We Are Here.

When All You Have is Love, You Possess All There Is to Have.

Peace Be with You. Love Be with You. God Be with You.

Be Peace. Be Love. Be the consciousness of God and you
will have become what you came to be.



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Margaret said...

What a beautiful posting.
I look forward to reading more of your writings and thoughts.
Thanks for sharing.