Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Undeniable Life

Life. Is what comes from Love. And Love is God. All Life is an expression of God. God's idea. All of It. Everything that Lives; God Thought. God Meant. And Expressed. From one cell to the 50 trillion that combined and working as One, becomes You. Life.

Life is a Gift. The Gift, for which everything else in Creation was created for. For You and me. Every Living Thing. Without Life, there would be no need for all that is seen. Life experiencing Life. Loving Life. Embracing Life. Expressing Life. Expressing, God, through Living; Life.


Love, the cause. Life, the effect.

If you want more Life L-O-V-E. Love Life.

See Life as your Song and Sing. It is Your Song in Your Voice. Your Life is an Individualized sonnet of God.

Ernest Holmes writes: "There is a song upon my lips today; it sings of the glad heart and the happy ways of Life."

Celebrate Life.

Life is Eternal. It was something, it is something, and it becomes something new, and becomes something more, and how many times it does this we don't know but we do know that God is back of it and God is expressed in and through it as much as we choose to embrace God. Embrace Love. Embrace Life.

If you want the life of your dreams; begin living the dreams of your Life. No one stands in the way of the dream except the dreamer. Between the visible and invisible is the undeniable stuff dreams are made of.

Live undeniable. Love undeniable. Live the Undeniable Life.

Life is not on Sale. There is no rush to grab the best bargains. Abundance abounds. The supply is not limited.

God doesn't promise an unlimited amount of days but God does not limit your promise. The potential to fulfill Life's promise.

Looking through the eyes of God you would see everything the Divine has inspired: Perfect; Whole and Complete: Life.

Love is IN you. You are IN Love. Life is IN you. You are IN Life.

Live IN Love with Life.

You are Life.

And So It Is.


~Doug Daniels

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