Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life, is a Gift Exchange

For the hundreds, if not thousands of books that focus on the Law of Attraction, the three words that come up most are: "Thoughts Become Things". Of course, this is true and an economical way to describe this Universal Law. But, there is so much more. Thoughts becoming things has almost no spiritual context. If, like most of us, we are really referring to "God", as the Power behind All That Is, then I'd prefer to use the following short phrase to sum up the Law of Attraction:

"Life, is a Gift Exchange".

God, or whatever term you want to use for Source, originates in you the ability to manifest your unique gifts. It is up to you to fully develop as many of these endowments as possible during your lifetime. Next, is the sharing or giving of these gifts to others. Use your gifts to make a living and make a difference. It is important to give with a glad and open heart without an expectation of reciprocity.

Circulate your Love; Joy; Intelligence; Leadership; Talents and more.

As you serve and share, you will receive in kind the gifts from others that you need to fulfill your promise and purpose. An Exchange of Energy. An Exchange of God's Good, given unconditionally from and through the Infinite, with the free will to express God, or suppress God. That is your choice. We can hang God on a wall or around our necks, but the Universe wants to bring you good tidings and joy, and that happens when you GIVE GOD in the form of the talents God originated in you to express His/Your/Our Divinity.

God is Life.

Life, is a Gift Exchange. Life, is a God Exchange.


Doug Daniels

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