Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your Five Star Life *****

Your life. If reviewing like a movie critic, how many stars would your life receive? You get to choose. Would a "perfect" life receive five stars? Then your life gets five stars. Your life IS perfect. If perfection is defined as being executed as written. You see, you have written every line of your life. You've cast all the characters. In some ways, you're actually playing all the roles. (If you believe in Oneness) You are definitely directing...and editing. You have even decided the soundtrack. Oh, that one is a bit easier to comprehend because, after all, we do choose the music we listen to.

Ah, and what else? The TV shows you watch? Your friends? Your job? Your education? The car you drive? Of course, you've made all those decisions. We are not talking metaphorically are we? I mean, you really have chosen the food you've eaten (at least as an adult) who you date and ultimately, marry. You've chosen whether to blog; whether to protest; speak out for; speak out against, what church you attend and how much you support them financially. Your physical and mental health are primarily manifestations of either lifestyle choices and your state of mind which is generated by your thoughts. In fact, thoughts, preceded everything I've just listed.

Some Law of Attraction naysayers get all hung up on the "Thoughts become Things" idea because they are imagining Elizabeth Montgomery twitching her nose and having a seven course meal appear just seconds before Larry Tate arrives with Darren for dinner. Yet, thoughts, preceded everything that you have ever done and will ever do (or not do). So, the story of your life, which is playing out before you in glorious Technicolor, is as you have thought it. As you have written and directed. Even the things that happened due to the free will thoughts of the characters you have chosen to be in your life, that affected you, affect you because you have enter in to or you have invited them in to your world.

The whole "what about parents" thing is pointless because, whether you chose them in spirit before landing on earth or they just ARE, doesn't change the fact that you can keep them in or out of your adult life movie production. You probably don't play the "I'm a little Tea Pot" song from your record collection at age five anymore so you no longer have to play the "crappy parent" tune either.

So, your life is as you have chosen. It IS perfect, as you thought it, but, if you want it to be different you can change it, right now by writing (thinking) up new adventures and casting new players and setting up a different set location. It is all up to you.

Make your life a triumph. Most happy endings seem that much happier when contrasted with earlier scenes anyway. So, no matter how dark things have been, the sun shines and the blue birds sing while the audience applauds, if and when you decide to take your life story in that direction, with your direction, and the inward acknowledgement of the Producer. (If you know what I mean)



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Jo Lynne Valerie said...

We don't worry about the nay-sayers. Eventually something they think about will manifest, or their Intention will clearly manifest - and then they'll know. Until then, we continue to do what we do. Following your blog now.