Monday, June 22, 2009

Favorite Spiritual New Thought, Ancient Wisdom Authors"

Ernest Holmes; Louise Hay; Dr. Wayne Dyer; Don Miguel Ruiz; Florence Scovel Shinn; Eckart Tolle; Jane Roberts; Wallace Wattles; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Emma Curtis Hopkins; Thomas Troward; Mary Baker Eddy; Joel Goldsmith; Napoleon Hill; Deepak Chopra; Emmet Fox; James Allen; Charles Haanel; Raymond Charles Barker; and Earl Nightingale.

All of the above I have read and can recommend without reservation. Some are more "spiritual" than others so you may be drawn to some more than others. I wholly endorse all the works of Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science. He may not have been the first of his kind but no one wrote more exhaustively than Mr. Holmes, His "Science of Mind" textbook and "Living Science of Mind" cover about 99% of all there is to know about the Law of Attraction and so much more. If you are seeking something from a female voice, Florence Scovel Shinn is simply wonderful.

Of the "today" group of New Thought "gurus", I prefer Deepak; Dyer; Tolle; Ruiz and Mike Dooley. Actually, Dooley is great to LISTEN to. Ditto for Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Just "google" any of these names and you will find lots of free ebooks; those that are in public domain, as well as vintage audio recordings.

There are dozens more outstanding contributors to New Thought. I just haven't read them yet. Feel free to make comments and recommendations on your favorites.



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