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Divine Foundations

Divine Foundations

“You are funded by your founder. You are a great investment!”

   The message I have shared consistently is that you are divine and important, needed and necessary, loved and the beloved – God’s best idea. God is your founder. And you are God’s beneficiary.. In other words, you were created and then given all that you’ll ever need. You are furnished for life! Although it is often true that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, there are millions of examples of the rich becoming poor and the poor becoming rich. (The original definition of Wealth meant Well Being)

The spiritual Truth is God is abundant therefore YOU are abundant. All has already been given. You are well vested! In the dictionary vested means: held completely; permanently; and inalienably. It also means you are robed ecclesiastically.  You look marvelous! 

Do you understand? That’s a good question. What is your understanding? More to the point – what Truth do you stand upon? Get it – understanding? Ever see a confident person walk? They stride! Synonyms for stride are advance and progress. Thomas Aquinas said: “As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” When it comes to enlightenment, we are either progressing or regressing based on whether our awareness is broadening and our consciousness expanding. Speaking of Consciousness …

I believe most of us have an understanding of the subconscious. Most of our bodily functions are performed unconsciously. Most of our beliefs operate at the subconscious level as well. It is why behaviors are so hard to change no matter how much so-called will power we supply. What is below the surface – the beliefs that have rooted themselves in our subconscious are often overwhelming. (Even though they have no real power)  It’s the Law of Cause and Effect. Seeds that were sown long ago that have not been uprooted or replaced with divine thoughts and spiritual accuracy – intrude and squat! This is so – even if these wretched refugees are – in reality – illusory. 

One way to illustrate what’s going on in the subconscious is to use the Internet as a metaphor. When surfing the web, there are ads that pop up on your favorite websites that reflect your interests. I was reading a story on a newspaper webpage and an ad for my book – You Are God’s Best Idea! - appeared to the left of the screen. For a moment I thought this website is advertising my book to its readers! In reality – it simply was reflecting my interests based on where I had most recently clicked. In this case, I had checked out to see if there had been any new reviews posted. 

When you choose a webpage – in milliseconds – the data from your visit is sent to ten or more companies, including Microsoft and Google subsidiaries, traffic-logging sites, and small ad firms. Instantaneously, your visit has been logged and ads generated based on where you’ve been – and where they believe you’re heading.  Wayne Dyer says: Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. The Internet companies collect our website choices and send us messages and propaganda (which also means disinformation!) based on those decisions. This is exactly how Life and Law work. Ernest Holmes wrote: Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. 

Your email inbox works the same way as the Internet. It is alleged that some of the data collecting companies actually read your email. I know this is true because, well after I published my book, I kept getting notices on my screen that read: Are you thinking about publishing a book? You see – I have a folder in my email account where I saved all of my communications with my book publisher. (Balboa Press/Hay House) By observing the content of these subfolders in my email account, the Internet harbingers kept bombarding me with information that I no longer needed or wanted. This is how the subconscious mind works. 

No matter how much you say you no longer desire junk food; cigarettes; alcohol; drugs; abusive relationships; etc. – the subconscious – the content of those folders with the saved messages from long ago – give you away. Sucks, doesn’t it? It’s why you must begin to DELETE those old messages. Replace the recollections from childhood of worthlessness with the New Thought that you are inherently DIVINE! It’s time to (drum roll please) annul the past – expunge the false record – cancel destructive contracts and agreements you may have made before you knew the Truth of your founding Father/Mother God. You can start today by – quite literally – cleaning up your various email accounts and clearing your browser history. Now – let’s work on the Mind.

Sanctuary: A safe and sacred place to worship.

If we'd considered our MINDS as a sacred and holy place where only the Thoughts of Heaven were allowed - we'd experience a lot less hell.

Your subconscious takes in every sight and sound – whether you are conscious of them or not. It takes a raised awareness and an enlightened consciousness to nullify the incoming signals before they can take root. Then – you can start scrubbing the old ideas with the Thoughts of Heaven.  As mentioned above – your mind should be your Sanctuary. No matter what people are saying and thinking around you (or about you!) – You need not share in their condemnation.  There is, after all, just One Divine Mind – One Divine Life – and that is God’s Life – and it is Your Life Now!

One day I was looking at the walls in my Reno apartment. What I saw was puzzling. There were yellow streaks bleeding through the freshly painted walls. It was a scene right out of the Amityville Horror. As it turned out, the previous occupant was a very heavy smoker. The apartment management worked for months trying to fumigate the place. They told us that they had put ten coats of paint on the walls. What was oozing through was nicotine. Yuck! If nicotine was hemorrhaging through ten coats of paint, I can imagine what her lungs must look like. The metaphysical point is, you are simply offering asylum to the things you cover-up.  In time, they may make a jail-break leaving you imprisoned.

At the time of this writing I had changed my phone number. Not long after I got the new number I started receiving spam phone calls. They were from area codes where I knew no one. My phone would start ringing shortly after 6am and keep ringing for hours. I Googled a few of these digits that were calling me and they were from an organization that tries to scam people into giving personal information. The calls come from India, routed through American telephone numbers. According to complaint posts on the Internet from angry recipients, if you engage the sales representative on the other line and call them out, they will curse you up one side and down the other and then call you twice as often.  I found that if I just didn’t answer the phone, the number of calls slow and eventually stop.

You don’t have to own every rogue thought that pops in your head. It is the negative thoughts we dwell upon that take up residence and eat us out of house and home. A house divided cannot stand!  Decide that you are too busy to take their call. 

Also, at the time of this composition, my radio station was promoting a Prevent Bullying campaign. We were encouraging school-aged children to take the Be the Magic: Prevent Bullying Pledge. We borrowed it from  

This is for me - my friends today - and my friends tomorrow.

I think being mean stinks! I won't watch someone get picked on because I am a do something person, not a do nothing person.

I care. I can help change things. I can be a leader.

In my world there are no bullies allowed. Bullying is bad.  Bullying bites. Bullying bothers me.

I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do.

My name is (your name) - and I won't stand by. I will stand up.

Now – how bout not beating yourself up? Being mean to your Self – stinks! Be a do something person by standing up for you! Care enough about yourself to change your life by changing your thinking and choosing the thoughts of Heaven. Remember – you are the boss of your thoughts. Hire the good ones - fire the bad ones! Take the lead! Take the Pledge!! No bullies allowed – starting with YOU – God’s best idea.

One of life’s cliches is the person who decides to travel around the world to find themselves.  As soon as you find that you are found and founded on divinity and grace – your under-standing will be clear. 

Start investing in your foundation - your Mutual Fund - by operating with and through Principle:

  • God is and I am!

  • God is eternal – and so am I!

  • Heaven is at hand and within and as much as I can conceive; believe and accept this – it is my experience.

  • I am free to be!

  • I am inside what is inside me. There is just One!

  • I am an expression of God expressing with – through and as God.

  • There is One Divine Mind living One Divine Life and my mind creates the life that I choose to live and I choose to live Undeniably!

  • I believe that God is Good – God is Love - Life is Good – and I am living and  loving my life!

  • I know that I am Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: I am God’s Best Idea!

And So It Is!

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