Monday, July 16, 2012

Divine Order

Divine Order

"The more you do, the less you don't."-Douglas Holzmeier

The more you do, the less you don’t.  I love getting these direct epiphanies from Divine Mind. It came to me as I was reading Ernest Holmes while sitting in my front yard on a sunny Sunday morning.

The more you do, the less you don’t. Apply this simple equation to just about any facet of your life and positive results are sure to follow. The more healthy food you eat the less unhealthy food you’ll consume. The more you love, the less time you’ll have for loveless expressions.  All has been given. God is all there is. No one has been short changed.  It is only in our ACCEPTANCE – our Awareness and Consciousness that we choose less than Good for ourselves. 

Think of the number one (#1) as being ONENESS; WHOLENESS: GOOD: LOVE and GOD. Think of the number zero (#0) as representing all that is not Love; Truth; Beauty; Peace; Light; Power; Wisdom – not God. To the degree you can place ONE ahead of ZERO/NOTHING – will determine how much you experience. Let’s use the following numerical illustration:

Person A: 0,000,001:  ($1) By placing God and Love last – this person experiences very little of the Divine Attributes.

Person B: 0,000,010:  ($10) See how the zeros are the illusions that are placed ahead of all the Good that really exists.

Person C: 0,000,100 ($100) This person is able to put, at least, a few of the “no-things” behind them and experiences some good.

Person D: 0,001,000 ($1000) The more you can place ONE LOVE ahead of the temporal appearances that seem to be void of Love, yet always contain Love, the more you are One with Love.

Person E: 0,010,000 ($10,000) See how much love multiplies? We go from $1000 to $10,000 just by putting God/Love ahead of just one more illusion.

Person F: 0,100,000 ($100,000) Is this you? If so, you are doing very well. You have been able to see clearly that God is all there is.  You are abundant and dreams are coming true. Congratulations!

Person G: 1,000,000 ($1,000,000) You have been able to do what few who have ever lived have been able to do. You have become fully orbed. You see and experience nothing but Love – Peace – Light – Beauty – Power – Wisdom – Harmony – Truth and God. 

I’m using these numbers as dollars in our paradigm, but these units are representations of Divinity. Abundance for you may be exhibited in a million other ways.  Isn’t it interesting that there are seven numbers in our numerical illustration. The seventh letter is G – for Good and God. And as you know, God is self-existent Good. See how simple this really is? Put the “nothings” behind you and you are left with the ONE-thing that is, that you are a part of: Love and God.

As an exercise, where would you rate yourself on our seven-point scale? I believe most of us can get to the E and F levels in our lifetimes. This would be where most of the great Mystics have risen to. A Mystic is a person who believes in inherent Divinity. That God is with(in) us and this is the Presence of Divine and Unconditional Love.

"If you want to climb to the top of the mountain, leave all the dirt behind."

Wash your hands and feet and mind of the illusionary dirt and grime that has possibly robbed you of your divine inheritance. This is salvation. It is a choice to accept that you are a divine child of the most high. 

"Doubt shouts the small truth in the big lie. You are larger than libel; truer than fiction; a child of the Most High!"

I’m not talking about denial. We make mistakes. We have bad moments, but they don’t have to be strung together and used as a noose! Nor should you string together the NOTHINGS masquerading as truths, suggesting that life is empty and loveless. There are MILLIONS of stories and examples of people who were living lives of denial until the Light of Divine Love broke through to inspire us. I hope that my life is one of those inspirational stories.

"When you pray - you are not asking God to change the natural
law and order of things - only to repeal illusion."

I know I am forgiven. This isn’t a license to sin; it’s an authorization to LOVE! After all, you were authored by God, and God has perfect penmanship. 

There is Divine Order in the Universe.  Everything has been divinely ordered. And since you are on the menu – you must be a perfect dish. You are delicious! God has served you up to serve and express Divinity. You are Divine and Important; Needed and Necessary; Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

The more you live undeniably, the less you’ll be denied. Sounds like a million dollar idea!

"You need only consent to your perfection in order to realize it.”

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