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Divine Power

Divine Power

"Power your dreams, not your doubts."-Douglas Holzmeier
On Sunday evening I was sitting in my car which was parked in a nearly empty parking lot. I was listening to my Napoleon Hill audio book when there was a puff of wind. It lasted no more than a second. It wasn’t a gale – just a momentary stab of energy. There had been a shopping cart loitering about ten feet to the left of where I was parked. When the surge came through, it started the cart in motion. I watched it roll for more than half the length of a football field; make a left turn at the exit and a right turn into the street, where it continued to roll until a passenger in a car passing by stopped it.
"There is creative energy in the Universe that is forever
unfolding. You can call it anything you want other than non-existent."

One, one second burst of energy from Mother Nature, sent that inanimate object on an adventure. When I looked behind me, I noticed that the shopping cart had come from the Big Lot store that was one hundred yards in the opposite direction. If a momentary blast of divine energy – Divine Power – can move something with wheels that far, imagine what it can do with something which has legs?

"The Power that created the Universe, created you. You are a
powerful creation!"

Thoughts have energy. Thoughts ARE energy. EVERYTHING – is energy!   See your idea; goal; ambition; dream; as an energized entity which you have given life to through thought. Now – imagine putting power and energy behind your creation with attention; intention; conviction and faith. Can you see yourself and your idea in motion? This isn’t just a figurative way conceptualization – it is what is happening; when you make it happen.

"Know that you are authorized to live an empowered life."

Is your dream anchored to shore, or have you raised the mast and set sail on the seas of possibility? At the time of this writing I am one-third of the way finished with my screenplay. This morning while laying in bed, an idea came to me about how I can take the idea of my first book, and turn it into a screenplay.  The whole thing came to me during the ten minutes before I got up to brush my teeth.

"Apprehension is a coward; jealous of power and frightened of

You’ve got the Power! Spiritually speaking, Divine Power is God. If you choose to call this Power – Intelligence; Energy; Universe; Good; Life; Light and/or, Consciousness, more power to you. It doesn’t matter what you call It as long as you show respect and reverence for It. Power is the energy by which everything lives. As Ernest Holmes writes; “You (man/woman) may transmute as much Infinite Energy into degrees of power as you (he/she) choose to use.”

"To reject the life you have built is to reject the power you used
to make it and will need to change it."

Do you get frustrated? I do. I am a “go getter”. Sometimes I see myself as a cartoon character, looking down a hole for the wascally rabbit while the hilarious hare is nibbling on his carrot standing behind me. What’s up Doc?  Wow – another epiphany. The Good we seek IS the Power behind All Things! Yes – we need to use the Power of which we speak to propel our dreams into manifestation – yet, at the same time, this Power, this Universal Energy, IS the Intelligence and Substance from which our dream will unfold. Ta da!

"Don't wait or wish for God to intercede when God has given
you God's Power and Law to enter seed and change yourself."

Notice I wrote: Change Yourself. It’s the only thing we can change. By changing ourselves for the better, our Consciousness can sow better thoughts/seeds.

If you are thinking, but haven’t you emphasized the “sowing” of seeds and letting go and letting God idea? Yes, this is true. But there is a difference between growing a Chia Pet on your kitchen sink and running a farm! This is your LIFE – these are your DREAMS! You want consistent energy and power back of your attention and intention, conviction and faith. A farmer plows the field; plants the seeds; irrigates in case it doesn’t rain; checks for invading insects and covers or heats the fields if there is a killing frost.

What (or who) are the invading insects and killing frost of dreams; the doubt and criticisms of friends and family – or of your own?

"Nothing is more powerful than a reception of conception and
an act of conviction - except two, who do."

Speaking of friends and family – the spirit of cooperation and the power of people who come together for a like purpose – is divinity multiplied. Where there is success, there is organization. Where there is disorganization, there is a lack of success. Get with like-minded people who love you and want to see you succeed. And make sure you offer them the same kind of love and energy. No one can climb the ladder for you – but they can ascend WITH you. Whether you are trying to release weight or gain ground – having one or more buddies to encourage you on the journey at a time of self-doubt, can be the difference between fruition and failure. (Not that we fail – we learn!)

"Don't lose today for yesterday. Regrets are for those who
have only the energy for remembrances, instead of adventure.”

It is tempting – when you get to my age – to think and accept that the best years are behind us. It is true that I will never run as fast as I use to, but I’m not chasing anything; my dreams haven’t run away.

One of the reasons I write about my past accomplishments or stumbles is because once I have committed these memories to paper, I don’t have to waste my time and energy – re-remembering. My energy is focused on the here and now, and where the past is useful, as in sharing some stories in my books or screenplays, I do. But I’m interested in new and exciting adventures and that means leaving the old baggage behind.

"Faith is knowing that the power of love is greater than the
combined illusions of fear."

Napoleon Hill suggested there are six major fears: Poverty; Ill Health; Old Age; Criticism; Loss and Death. Five of these – poverty; ill health; old age; loss and death are entwined. You can make a case that five of these are real experiences, even if they are not spiritual truths. We are eternal beings so when we lose a loved one or near death ourselves; it is comforting to know that Life Goes On. Old age is a blessing! It means ample opportunity in linear time to do all that we can imagine. Ill health is something we experience from time to time – almost always discovering its temporal nature. And it MUST be mortal because the Nature of Divinity is Immortal! And even when a dis-ease is, what we label, “chronic”, it does not detract from our Divinity. We are not our body – healthy or otherwise.

Criticism is the biggest imposter – yet we give it so much of our energy – our power. Every person who has risen to the most powerful political position on Earth – the U.S. Presidency – has been unmercifully criticized. It is only on the day of their funeral that the tongues of wrath are held, only to wag again the day after.

The bottom-line regarding criticism is this: The more success you achieve - the more criticism you will receive.  If you think this isn’t true for us spiritual and metaphysical types – just ask Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra or Oprah Winfrey or Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi or just about every difference maker this world has ever known.  The more of the Divine Light you shine – the more attention you will get. Much, if not most of this attention will be good, some will not be. Love them (and yourself!), anyway.

"Permission without power facilitates impotence."

I had to think awhile to remember what it was I was trying to get across with the above epigram.  Have you ever been given permission by a boss to do a certain thing – yet in the process of doing it – you find that when you got push-back from another department head, your boss didn’t back you? That’s permission without power. We do the same thing to ourselves.

You keep giving yourself permission to lose weight; to write a book; to take college classes; to be a speaker or a teacher – but we don’t ACT! Well, if you have been a regular reader of mine, I can’t imagine you are still self-sabotaging – are you? There is nothing more frustrating than your heart saying YES – and your mind saying, “let me think about it some more.”

By the way – if your head says YES, but your heart says, “Let me think about it”; listen to your heart.

"The power of your conviction is equal to the breadth of your

When would NOW be a good time to accept all the Good that is righteously yours? These chapters, less you forget, are called the Divine Acceptations. All of the ideas, the 31 I wrote in YAGBI and the dozen or so more I’ve composed in The Life Coach Lessons sequel, exist, but must be accepted and applied.

"The person who pushes - needs participants for purpose.
A person of Power partners with Purpose to meet needs. "

From time to time I get a knock on my door and there are people trying to sell me their religion. I’m sure these are well-meaning and divine folks; but the mere fact that they have to push, or sell their faith – gives me pause. When they tell me (and you) that we NEED their particular brand of theology, I say, All I Need is Love – and I have that Abundantly!

By the way – when I get those sales pitches, I always offer them my book. Funny how uninterested they are in hearing what YOUR BOOK has to say. And we have all authored the Truth that works best for us, and we make amendments when availed new revelations. But, you know, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go door-to-door with; You Are God’s Best Idea! But if I did, I would leave it for FREE – because Truth and Love is free – as well as the choice to choose Love and Truth.

"The Power you show is equal to the Love you know."

Ah – a nice one to end on. How much Power is in your Word? You are the Cause to your Effect. You are the Volition behind the seeds of your ideas and dreams.

We often ask God for a sign. In the movies, when a door opens or window curtains rustle – we acknowledge the Presence of Spirit. This isn’t just hopeful or wishful imaginings.  Think about it. If God is Energy – the Power back of All Things – then the energy that moves the atmosphere – that we call wind – IS SPIRIT ENERGY – saying, I Am Here.

Sunday evening I was sitting in my car desiring as sign from the Universe that all of the work that I have done for the past three and a half years; my book; this book; my screenplay; my Life Coaching practice; my Practitioner Training and my impending Minister courses; are not just exercises in theology, but a movement within Divinity. The slight breath of spirit that thrust the shopping cart more than one hundred yards, is the Divine Energy behind this composition and the Divine Power in its message. Of this, I have no doubt.

“There is a Power for Good in this Universe that is greater than you are, and you can use it.”- Ernest Holmes

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)
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