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Divine Consciousness

Divine Consciousness

"You are the Consideration of Consciousness and the Fortitude
of Faith."-Douglas Holzmeier

I was debating on composing an essay on intuition or consciousness. My intuition tells me to go with Consciousness – and so it is. I also have written over 30 epigrams with the words consciousness; conscious or, consciously, so constructing this essay will be a breeze, which is the point of Consciousness.

"When something good shows, even before you consciously
know it is your desire, you have mastered the Law of Attraction."

My wife mentioned to me a couple of days ago that she had a dream where we were moving to the Toledo area; northern Ohio or Michigan. This surprised me because I was not pursuing anything in that area of late. Today I received an invitation to send an air check (a tape of my radio highlights) to a company in that part of the country. My consciousness has been wide open about where we will go next. I have had regular communications with the company in question. So, this potential position was in my sub-consciousness, just not my conscious, consciousness.

"You experience a reflection of what you are most experienced
at. Consciously choose your experiences!"

Think of your subconscious like a bucket of unfiltered water. It is murky because we take in everything we see; hear; touch; sense; feel; think; taste and believe. Our subconscious minds are constantly recording EVERYTHING – whether we are aware of it or not. And our unconscious mind does not distinguished between what’s real and what we feel is real. They are all drops of water in the pail. Good thoughts and experiences are clear/clean drops of water. Fear and doubt based thoughts and experiences create sludge. But, like dirty water in a glass, in time, as each new clear drop (thought) drips into the chalice of our minds, they displace the contaminated water (thoughts) and leave the clean.
"Conditions are created by consciousness. Change your
Consciousness, change your condition."

The subconscious and unconscious mind is also referred to as the subjective mind. If you think of it as soil, it accepts the seeds of belief we place in it, without objection. In other words, the soil doesn’t decide what the seed will be. YOU DO! Your consciousness (and unconscious) is creating based on your thoughts and beliefs 24/7/365. Your subconscious will provide you with the objectification of your predominant thoughts. As I say, you externalize what you internalize.  Ernest Holmes’ most famous quote is: “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” The problem is, most of this stinking thinking is below the level of conscious thinking. It takes time to wash the grit and grime of the unconscious mind. To speed the process, add conviction and faith to your positive thoughts and vision.

"A compromising consciousness consciously compromises your

Have you forgotten how successful you have been? If you have been successful once, you can (and will!) be successful again! The problem with problems is that we can get so far inside of them that we can’t find the original string of thinking that began the entanglement. Have you ever tried to find the end (or beginning) string to a ball of yarn? It can be maddening. One negative thought leads to another and chemicals in the brain produce a toxicity that literally can bathe your brain in what amounts to poison.  Professional (or personal) amnesia is poison!

"The divine pattern is perfect; it is only in our unconsciousness
that we've designed a puzzle."

Some suggest that All there Is – is – Consciousness. The Universe, as some perceive it, is God being conscious of Itself. Consciousness is Cause – whether it is Self (or Spirit) Consciousness or Sub/Unconsciousness – which is like the cruise control on an airplane. It’s important that the cruise control software has been programmed in an advantageous way. I suggest programming the conscious and subconscious Mind with love and acceptance. 

"Truth that doesn't expand consciousness and enlighten divinity
is but an ancient echo."

If you are having trouble deciphering what is real and eternal – ask if it is Love. Does your answer support the expansion and growth of Divine Consciousness or is it a shortcut to temporary appeasement? You can apply this to the food we consume. Is what you’re about to eat full of the minerals and nutrients of Divine Life or has it been processed to death? Both foods will sustain life for a time, but only one of those foods was created directly from; with; through; and as; Divine. An apple a day…

"Your thoughts are the consciousness of your character which
create your circumstances. Change your character, change your life."

I’m not going to list here all of my personal foibles and shortcomings, sufficed to say, most of them have faded away over the past four years. When you are feeding your Mind the good stuff (divine literature; philosophy; fellowship) you wake up one day realizing that you haven’t participated in that particular negative habit. And success is sometimes defined as the practice of positive habits. I know I am eating far more healthfully of late and it has little to do with will-power. Since I have been drinking more fresh fruit and fruit juices, I do not need to grab sugary treats. It wasn’t all that many decades ago that a person who displayed a “sweet-tooth” was compared to the town drunk or opium addict. Addiction; compulsion and obsession; can override a mind that isn’t thinking; acting and behaving consciously.

"We are not mere offspring of circumstance, we are the
children of Consciousness."

You are Divine Consciousness. You are God’s Best Idea! You are not a victim of circumstances – you are an heir of Divinity.

"Standing on the shoulders of others is a good way to fall
on your ass. Elevate your vision; raise your consciousness."

I think I was in an ornery mood when I wrote this one. I have put, probably, too much faith in the help of others over the years. There is a difference between attracting divine assistance and begging people to help you. People generally like to be helpful and charitable. They are less likely to aid when they are being manipulated and coerced. 

"Human beings have a compound consciousness. The question
is: What are you compounding?"

Don’t be confounded or confused! Be fully vested and interested in your dream. This week while reading a post at one of my favorite on-line sports sites, I noticed a story about a new movie that was written and directed by a fan of my favorite team. I clicked the link and read the story. My intuition began to take the lead. I searched the name of the fellow who made the movie and saw (and sensed) some commonality that was greater than just our affection for the same college football team. This director is a budding star. I looked for him on Facebook and found that he had just created a new page and I was just his second “Like”.

"True success is a matter of contemplation. Contemplation is of
conscious spirit; manipulation, of human ignorance."

Long story short, I congratulated him on his directorial debut. I also told him I was writing a screenplay and had a couple questions. One was about creating composite characters and the other was about getting representation. I also shared that my book was published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. He graciously replied with answers to my questions and said he was a big fan of Louise Hay’s books. He even said he was friends with a filmmaker who is associated with the Hay House film division – which is serendipitous because I had just written Hay House about the idea of turning You Are God’s Best Idea! into a documentary styled movie like The Shift or You Can Heal Your Life. Oh, and he offered to review my script when it is finished. No matter what does or doesn’t unfold eventually from these connections, what cannot be denied is the divine pattern that exists in the Universe like dots to be connected with and through a raised Consciousness. Author, Gregg Braden, refers to this as the Divine Matrix.

"Enlarge your consciousness and you increase the mold that
God's good can fill."

I call this Divine Consciousness. All the while I have been writing this screenplay I had little idea of who would ever see it. Because I was operating at a high level of awareness and consciousness – I have attracted, minimally, someone who can professionally critique my work and tell me if the story has promise. Most screenwriters never get beyond the 25th page of their scripts. It is a flight of fancy, not a burning desire or as Napoleon Hill puts it: Chief Aim. Call it what you will, but if your dream isn’t on your mind like a new lover, the passion will be fleeting and it will be replaced in your consciousness by the things you have more faith in.

"The consciously aware know that dead ends are simply signs of
life's new beginnings."

I’ve run into a lot of dead ends over the past two years. (And I have found a lot of new and exciting paths too!) A dead skunk (or any other animal) in the middle-of-the-road tells you nothing more than a skunk is dead. It doesn’t tell you what kind of vehicle hit the skunk. You don’t know if the skunk was hit during the day or night. You don’t know how many hundreds of other skunks crossed that road without incident. 

"The problem isn't the wall, it's the consciousness that
constructed it."

How well do you take rejection? When was the last time you were rejected? Could it be that you were not rejected? The acceptance of one is not necessarily a rejection of another. If you take things personally – you are a slave to ego. Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements are: Be Impeccable with Your Word. Remember – your Word is your Bond. Your Word is your Wand! Keep your Word – Magic! Don’t Take Anything Personally.  Unless you AGREE that the lack of a job offer is because you suck – then it isn’t so. Don’t Make Assumptions. Unless you AGREE that the delay in a phone call from last night’s date is a reason to be concerned, then it isn’t. Always Do Your Best. There are 310 million people in the United States and seven billion and counting on planet Earth. It is true you are good enough and more than enough – but so is EVERYONE else! A Consciousness of Excellence will assure that you are always putting your best Impression forward.

"Life is a stream of consciousness that flows where you know it
to go."

"The cure for insecurity is a consciousness secured in divinity."

"Until you expand your consciousness, life is like eating
soup with your hands - most of it slips through your fingers."

I may have written the epigrams above around the same time. When people ask me how my view of the Law of Attraction is different than most others I tell them that I start with Foundation. Just like any good architect or home-builder will advise – the structure must have a strong foundation.  Your inherent divinity is your Divine Foundation. 

"Today's poor decision is just a prelude to tomorrow's
catastrophic one - if you allow your consciousness to atrophy."

The majority of people give up on the “law of attraction” and “positive thinking” track because they don’t see the results they desire. It is a Cause and Effect proposition. As I alluded in the opening paragraphs, if your thinking positive and visioning is being counter-balanced by a deep down subconscious lack of worthiness; esteem and confidence from years or self doubt and persecution; then the Cause you are setting in motion is a weaker seed than you thought.  If this is the present case, use it as a blessed nudge to put more conscious FAITH; PEACE; LOVE and LIGHT into your Consciousness. It’s an inside job. An abundant consciousness is easy when there is money in the bank. It takes FAITH and CONVICTION and a real Power behind your positive thinking to manifest prosperity in the face of apparent lack. 

"It isn't that an expanded and enlightened consciousness sees
more things; it just sees the One thing It is."

I know I have used many of these epigrams previously. But a hit is a hit and Truth is True! There is only One Thing and it is God and it is Good and it is Love and it is your Love – your Good right here and now. See it All as Love and Love is All you’ll see.

"The average become conscious of what has come. The great
create what becomes."

Use your imagination! It is the only thing that isn’t limited and the only thing that no one can take away. Did you hear me? NO ONE CAN LIMIT OR DISCARD YOUR IMAGINATION – except, you. What becomes you? Just imagine.

I opened this Divine Consciousness chapter with this epigram that is worth repeating:

"You are the Consideration of Consciousness and the Fortitude
of Faith."

This literally means you are the Mental Analysis of God! It also means you are a Divine application; reflection; and thought. Used a slightly different way, it means you are also held in high regard; esteem; estimation; favor; mercy; and respect. And in one additional way – it means that you are a Divine Gift; a Commission; and a Reward!

Are you getting this? You are God’s Gift and Reward – to, and, for – God. This is the revelation that is missed by most. Just as a couple have a child as a gift to themselves and the world – so it is with you and God. And with this knowledge and acceptation – how could we think so little of ourselves? How did this EVER happen?

It’s up to you and me to remind people of the Truth!

You Are Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

"Convert your conditions with and through conscious volition
and divine conviction."

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