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You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: February 24, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for:
February 24, 2012

“Faith is belief complete.”-Douglas Holzmeier

Faith without the eventual experience of the expectation suggests suspicion, in lieu of a trust in Truth. Most profess a great faith. But if we are honest with ourselves we have moments of doubt. And like with all things – life is accumulative. A few extra calories will do you little harm if they have been counter balanced with a few extra steps. Several moments of doubt will be reversed by Faith. The trouble begins when we forget to trust the process.

This lesson is longer than usual. I will share the Laws of the Universe in some detail – but know right here and right now that the Universe trusts you. It is why you have been given the double-edged sword of free will. It cuts both ways. You can clear a path to the Undeniable Life or fall on your sword in self-defeat. I’ve never been a fan of the idea that God is testing us. You are never being tested; however, you are always being trusted. Trust the gift of free will.

I believe that the Law of Cause and Effect and the associated Laws - are in play in every area of our lives. The degree of trust you receive from others is equal to the trust you have in them and yourself. You get as much trust as you give. If there is a test we are undertaking – it is self-examination with immutable checks and balances.

"The faith you have in your idea must be matched by an equal faith in the process. The idea is yours, the process is God's."

The Universal Laws have been set up to help us succeed. They are for facilitation – not impediment.  In no particular order – here are some of the most universally recognized Laws that we work with in order to unveil our Promise:

·         The Law of One:  In the movie City Slickers – the Billy Crystal character asks the Jack Palance character – Curly – what the answer to Life is. Curly holds up one finger and says; “This”.  I could write an entire book on Oneness and many have been written. But basically it is this: As you do to anyone – you have done to everyone – and yourself. It is why God doesn’t play favorites because every – ONE - is God’s favorite – because everyone is – this ONE.

·         The Law of Vibration: Everything is in motion and vibrating at particular frequencies. This plays a major role in how the transmitting and receiving process works. All these Laws are working at all times. We are either consciously working with them – unconsciously working with them – unconsciously working against them – or – in the worst case scenario – consciously working against them.

·         The Law of Action: This is really as simple as it sounds. Commit to action and there will be reaction.  If you are acting with - through and as Love – the reactions you get will be commensurate. What you sow you shall reap. That isn’t meant to be scary – it is meant to excite you! Imagine if you sowed seeds and never received a harvest? You know you do. This process always works congruent with awareness and faith. Trust the process.

·         The Law of Correspondence: This Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world (Energy, Light, Vibration, and Motion) have their corresponding principles in the Universe. "As above, so below”.

·         The Law of Cause and Effect: This is the great Law of Life as it has been described by the great teachers and philosophers throughout time. This is why there are no real accidents or coincidences. We all understand if we take a hammer to anything – damage is done. We just don’t like to accept the times we used a hammer of emotion and suffered the consequence that came from it. This isn’t about placing blame. These Laws are IMPERSONAL! We use some of them to launch rockets to Mars just as we use them to hurt the loves of our lives. It is why we should always pause and consciously think about what it is we are about to cause.

·         The Law of Compensation: This is the Law of Cause and Effect applied to the divine blessings and abundance that are provided for us – when we choose to accept our divinity! Life is a Gift exchange.  The effects of our ideas in action are given to us through our glorious birthright and inheritance. We must call them forth and reveal them with and through Love.

·         The Law of Attraction:  This is the Law that is often confused with all of these – but they are all interrelated – which is why I say that Life is a Gift exchange.  Specifically – this is how we create things – relationships and circumstances. Like energies attract. We like people who are like us. A visit to any school cafeteria will illustrate this. It is why you MUST believe you are worthy of all the Good you have a Divine Right too – regardless of physical appearances and socioeconomic trappings.  It is why my book and its idea is that - You are Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea! If you operate from this premise – that you are as inherently as good as anyone else – you can attract the life of your dreams. But you must BELIEVE and KNOW and FEEL - You Are God’s Best Idea!

·         The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy: This Law also is directly tied to the idea of inherent Divinity. It states that YOU have all that you need WITHIN to create the life you want to live. You have direct access to the Power that created all that is - and you can certainly change what you don’t like about yourself or your life. The most powerful and productive change always begins with yourself. The higher the vibrations of Light and Love you are transmitting with - the faster you can transmute a lower vibration – such as a bad habit – into a productive and positive behavior.

·         The Law of Relativity: This speaks directly to the idea of today’s Life Coach Lesson. I’m already on record that the Universe is not necessarily testing you. Our lives – however – are a self examination. How much poise will you exhibit in the face of a problem or dilemma? Where you are consciously will determine the level of frustration you experience. I heard recently that wherever there is a problem – somebody is in need of forgiveness. That isn’t a bad place to start looking if you are running into a lot of resistance. When the dark descends – how bright our Light within shines can affect how quickly we can find our way out of the shadows. Perspective is paramount. Most of our day-to-day difficulties pale in comparison to those who are impoverished in mind – body and spirit. You and I can use our Divine Light to lift up those who are in relative darkness.

·         The Law of Polarity: This Law is sometimes misunderstood. I don’t believe there is Love and Hate. I believe there is Love and Fear. The less fear you believe in the more Love you experience. I don’t believe in Good and Evil. I believe in Good. The more self-existent Good I BE-LIVE-IN – the more I experience.  There is very Hot and very Cold – and the comfy in between most of us like most.  The farther you believe you are from living in your Good – the more “not-as-good” – comparatively speaking – you experience.  Water – when frozen - is ice – when water is extremely hot – it is vapor. It is still spiritually WATER – vibrating at different frequencies. It is all H2O and all Good – in varying degrees – and depending on its use. A grain of sand in your eye is problematic. The same grain of sand on a beach isn’t anything you’d necessarily notice. Context and Consciousness matters in our experience. You choose the context of your life.

·         The Law of Rhythm: Life moves in rhythm. We experience cyclesseasons – and stages of development. There are patterns in the physical and spiritual world. We can count on these patterns – but sometimes it does snow in April if the weather patterns are just right. We may perceive the snow as “wrong” – but the pattern that created it was perfectly natural. These patterns work in our favor most of the time. An understanding that all is well – a trust in the Universal Laws and Process is what this chapter is about. As the sacred books tell us – there is a time for all things under heaven. There is a Divine Time for the sowing and the harvest.  A time to come - and go.

·         The Law of Gender: Everything has its masculine and feminine side or nature. Its Ying and Yang. It is said to be a Master co-Creator with God we must balance our masculine and feminine energies. If you think of the greatest leaders and creators of humankind – without exception – these were people who were incredibly strong and resilient while being accepting – inclusive and forgiving.  Think of Martin Luther King – Gandhi – the Buddha – Nelson Mandela – Mother Teresa – Abraham Lincoln – and Jesus – just to name a few.

·         The Law of Abundance: Many of these Laws overlap. The Law of Abundance states that there is enough – for all who accept there is. There is enough fresh air and water and food and energy. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take great care of these God-given natural resources – but we should not operate in fear that we will wake-up tomorrow to a void of oxygen. If you live in fear of lack – it is what you will attract - because it is what you have your attention on. This is one of the toughest mind-sets to stay in. It is easy to believe in Abundance if you are experiencing Abundance. It is harder to believe in Abundance if you believe you are not experiencing Abundance. Of course – you are experiencing Abundance. You have plenty of air – room – food and water. You have what you need because you ARE what you need. YOU ARE ABUNDANCE!

There are several more Laws that are variations on the themes above.  Here are a few:

·         The Law of Giving and Receiving: The Golden Rule.

·         The Law of Increase: As your Consciousness expands so does the Good you experience.

·         The Law of Compensation: Do more than what is expected and you will be compensated for more than you have done.

·         The Law of Non-Resistance: There is Power and Force. True Power cannot be resisted. Anything that is forced – will experience push-back. We see this play-out in politics every day.

·         The Law of Forgiveness: When you forgive – you remove the obstacles to free flowing Peace; Love and Understanding.

·         The Law of Harmony: I write about harmony quite a bit. Think about how lovely the voices are of family singing together sounds – in Harmony. The Beach Boys created a sound that was powered by the Truth of their relationships. They were brothers and cousins (for the most part) closely related and in harmony – until superficial circumstances broke them apart.

·         The Law of Grace: You are under Grace not because you are a sinner – but because you are a divine child of God.

·         The Law of Gratitude: More appreciation you show for what you have – the more you will receive to appreciate.

·         The Law of Fellowship: Some call it the Master Mind concept. Where two or more come together in Love and Agreement – all things are possible.

·         The Law of Resistance: What you resist – persists. There is a huge difference between letting go – releasing a problem – and resisting it. If you are having trouble with any persistent problem – it is because you are fighting it – and it is fighting back.  Be careful using Will Power to defeat your bad habits. A Free Will choice to choose something better and higher – like fresh fruits and vegetables instead of battling Twinkies and French Toast – is a healthier way to weight release.  I plan on writing a book on manifestation true and life-long weight loss sometime in the next 18 to 24 months.

·         The Law of Unconditional Love: This is the only kind of Love that is Real and is the only way to Truth and Living the Undeniable Life.

I wrote about most of these Laws in You Are God’s Best Idea! I chose to call them Acceptations. These Laws exist - but if you don’t accept and use them constructively – they can be stumbling blocks.

"We need time to process before we can progress. Take time to
reflect before you reject."

All that I do for you – is an effort to create clarity and raise Consciousness. I hope you take the time to digest what I share. Explore and discover additional books and teachers. Immerse yourself in the process of awareness. Accept what works – reject what doesn’t.

It’s all good. It’s all Love and Law. Work through Love and with Law and Live the Undeniable Life!

"You believe what you believe you are. What you are is almost
beyond belief. That's where faith comes in."

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)
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