Monday, January 30, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: January 30, 2012

“Supply is subject to application. Accept what
is already yours. Apply for your inheritance.”-Douglas Holzmeier

Have you applied for today’s supply?

No one reading this is unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction. We all understand that we combine our desires with positive thinking which raises our vibrations and what we conceive in our minds have a particular frequency of vibration and as we speak our word and know that it is so and begin to take action steps we say YES to the Universe which only knows YES and the flow of resources and circumstances unfold from within and are attracted to us and in divine time you have your manifestation.

I’ve read dozens of similar descriptions most with a tweak here or there but it is essentially the same concept. As a radio broadcaster I easily identify with the idea of invisible waves of energy being transmitted and received at specific frequencies because that is exactly how radio stations and radios work. These radio wave particles literally go through solid objects and are received by radios (cell phones too) even when we are in doors. So if you have ever doubted the Law of Attraction - you are using the physical (and metaphysical) Laws of the Universe to listen to your favorite music on the radio or talk to your friends on cell phones. But - you must be tuned in!

Radio stations are broadcasting content 24/7/365. You only hear what’s being broadcasted when you turn the radio on and tune in to a specific frequency. Even -then you must pay attention to the information emanating from the speakers to understand and enjoy what is being transmitted. You could call this the application process. The term broadcast was first used in 1767 (more than 100 years before the initial radio wave transmissions were sent and received at sea) to describe the application of seeds in a field. Can you believe it? Literally – with the Law of Attraction – you must apply by broadcasting the seeds of your dream into the fertile soil of Divine Mind. The Law of Action automatically begins to germinate what you have sown. This is not only the Principle of Life seen in the corn field – but the Field of Dreams.

Metaphysically speaking – the Good of our world in spiritual form is being transmitted and offered up freely and continuously. It is when we are tuned into our desires that we transmit them into the ether in anticipation and expectation that they will return – fully formed from and by spirit back into our lives as we keep communications open and remain dialed to positivity. This is a choice. You can check out what the networks categorize as the (bad) news or watch and enjoy uplifting programming.

Did you notice I used the term – check out? Our language is far more specific than we realize when we use popular vernacular. I mean – are we not literally checking out the negative vibrations of the days’ news when we turn on and tune in these programs that promote and amplify less than favorable human behavior? Just which supply are we applying for anyway? We get what we supplicate ourselves to.

Today’s Life Coach Lesson is a reminder to apply for the days’ Good. Just because you had a good idea in mind last year doesn’t mean you have continued to broadcast the message of expectation. God – or however you define the Power and Source of All that Is – is not parsing out its potential expressions like bowls of porridge at an orphanage. You don’t need to beg for more – but you do have to take your chalice out of the cupboard so it can be filled – pressed down and overflowed!

Ask and you shall receive. Ask and it shall be given. Take at least five minutes a day and stop whatever else you are doing. (Especially if it’s watching the cable network news channels trying to convince you that the sun didn’t come out today and that it won’t tomorrow! Quick – would someone please send Anderson Cooper a You Tube link of Andrea McCardle!)

You are not orphaned! You have a glorious inheritance!! You Are God’s Best Idea!!! You have the Abundance of the Universe available in reserve – but it must be applied for before it can be served. It has already been signed for. You just need to ask - to be in receipt. See the dream. See the ending. Feel how good it is!

Did you know that millions of dollars in scholarship and grant money go unused every year because no one applied for them? My son has had his first year of college almost totally paid for because his mother went through the application process. A few hours spent filling out forms with enthusiasm and an expectation that all was well – manifested over $15,000 in assistance. The supply was there but it would have remained nothing more than digital numbers on a ledger sheet had it not been applied for – and so it was granted. Great Appropriations begin with Great Applications!

"Soap and water works - when applied consistently. Positive
thinking works - when applied constructively."-Douglas Holzmeier

There are LOA skeptics. They see the frustrations of Law of Attraction practitioners who really are in abstention. These confounded amateurs have mistaken a want with an order. The waitress doesn’t fill out a want or wish slip – they use an order form! Again – look at these words and understand the language. Orders – take form. A want saps energy as it is lost in lack. An Order is found in Demand!!!

Apply your Imagination. Supply your Will. There is nothing too good to be true for you.

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier

Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)

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