Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: January 28, 2012

"Your life will not be measured by treasures acquired - but by
the love you inspired."-Douglas Holzmeier

Of the 1500 (and counting) epigrams I've written - this one has received the most Re-Tweets. A Re-Tweet (or RT) is a Twitter social media tweet/post that your followers like enough to tweet themselves and pass along to their followers. I thought I would share it here today to remind ourselves that no matter how much attention and intention we give to the manifestation of our goals and dreams - that Love is the real measurement of success.

It is very easy to get caught up in the tangibles. People want to cut to the chase. Just show me how - they say. Have you ever heard a baby tell its Mother: Would you just tell me how to do this walking thing? The missteps are half the fun! Baby goes boom!!

The most revered vocalists of all time never took a voice lesson. The greatest writers and authors were not necessarily A students at grammar and creative writing. If you've read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - you may have noticed that Dickens uses the word ruddy six times in a relatively short story - most of which are in the first 10 pages! No one would be taught to use a word like ruddy so often. They'd probably be told not to use it all! But that is the charm of Dickens - his originality that we received through his divinity in writing one of the most beloved redemptive tales.

When it comes to building a bridge across the San Francisco Bay - you better have a great blueprint; plan; materials; skill and manpower to erect the Golden Gate Bridge. But you can bet a lot of love went into those expansive plans as well. Every successful endeavor has at least a modicum of preparation and planning; training and execution. We desire to learn the HOW'S of life and they do have an important role to play. But it is real easy to tip the scales so far in favor of How to Do It that we lose sight of the WHY.

Now - hold that thought while I DO share some HOWs. If you are seeking some tangible ideas regarding creating and manifesting an entrepreneurial dream - here are a few:

Get a website: You can be up and running in a day at minimal cost. I use Website Tonight but there are lots of inexpensive templates to get you going. A domain is usually less than $10. If nothing else - reserve your name (or product name) today!
Start a Blog. They're FREE! Use Blogger or Word Press.
Write! This can be in your Journal or on your Blog. By doing this you will create a discipline and generate material for future products and services. Jot down notes. When I write and post an epigram - I can come back to it months later and be inspired to write. (Like I am doing now)
Record your Blogs and post Podcasts. It takes one or two minutes to record what may have taken you hours to write. A podcast literally gives voice to your authoring.
Build your Social Media. Start on Twitter by following like minded individuals. You can follow up to 2000 people a day. You'll be followed back by 25 to 30% of these people. In a week you could have 1000 or more followers. Interact with them. They like that. Make sure your profile has key words. If you are into consciousness make sure Consciousness is in your profile. Put a link to your webpage in your profile.
Facebook is great to use as well. Generating followers beyond your real social network is harder. Facebook does not allow you to follow people you don't know in large numbers. Once you have established some Twitter friends - attempt to convert them to a Facebook connection. Send them a message via Facebook that you have "friended" them and you know them from Twitter. This will generate a high conversion rate of requests to connections.
Build a database. It is important. Every artist (and you are an artist) has a fan base. Connect! Offer what you do best as a gift and reason to receive permission to share. For example - I offered my seminar recordings as a thank you in advance for those who opted to receive the Daily Epigram and Life Coaching Lesson.
Create additional products and services from your work. My book is available in hard cover - paperback - Kindle and Nook. It is also available as an Audio Book that can be downloaded in mere minutes. I created a Workshop/Seminar from my book and recorded that for sale and as a gift. These short essays will ultimately be used as foundational material for the next book(s). You have value and so do your expressions. Share them!
• You have probably seen eBooks or Special Reports. Once you have at least 40 pages of quality information to share - share it! The rules of engagement in the Internet era (which is never going away) have changed everything! You can use a 30 to 40 page eBook you have composed as a great business card! Don't be shy. Give it away!
You Tube. If you like being in front of the camera - create short video messages and post them on your You Tube Channel and Website. Practice a lot first. Not everyone comes across confident on video. If you look unsure of yourself you could undermine the authority that you have built so far. Video should be entered into cautiously - but if mastered - can make you a star! (You already are)
Promotional Services. There are so many marketing and promotion services out there it would make your head spin. I can give you a few names and organizations. But nobody can promote you better than yourself.
Life Coaching. If Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and Jack Canfield and just about every mega-successful person that has ever existed has had a mentor - or what we would call a Life Coach these days - then why not you? A Life Coach can help you with the tangibles (like today's email) and the metaphysical and spiritual. (Like today's email) They help you define your wants - needs and desires. They help YOU come up with the answers you know are best. They facilitate clarity - and can be the catalyst for action. They help you be accountable to yourself and your goals. Make sure the coach you choose has a coach as well. A Life Coach who doesn't have a Life Coach isn't practicing what they are teaching. (FYI- I am a Life Coach with a Life Coach)

These are some tangible ideas that you can utilize in the promotion and marketing of your brand (if that has any interest at all to you) as well as ways that can lead to material wealth.

It is really important that the desire to serve is the objective behind your ideas and that the enterprise is powered by Love. Love is the only thing that is real and the only thing which is eternal. If you want what you create to have great and lasting impact - do it with - through as Love.

All the plans of mice and men fade unless they are a part of Divine Will. The parts of those men's (and women's) plans that remain - are the ones that were imbued with divinity. The only HOW that matters is how much Love was used in the expression of the dream.

Money is not a measurement of competency. Be Inspiring and people will line up around the clock to try your treasures on for time.

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)

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