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You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: January 23, 2012

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"Great Expectations begin with Great Acceptations."-Douglas

I use the word EXPECT a lot. Ten of my original epigrams used a variation of the word expect. I felt compelled to get across the idea that an expectation – one way or the other – trumps so many other parts of our thought processes. Apparently – this is now proven science.

I am listening to a new book by brain/mind expert Jeffrey Schwartz called You Are Not Your Brain. Over and over again the idea is that there is a distinct difference between our brain and our Minds. He refers to the Mind as the Wise Advocate. I use the concept of inherent Divinity – the divine essence and Presence of God within.

The brain is a biological and chemical organ that likes to have its own way. Think Ego. It is always on doing what it thinks it is supposed to do – THINK! If you could view the brain at work (and now neuroscientists can with state-of-the-art instruments) it would be like watching fireworks on the 4th of July! I go into great detail about what is really going on with the brain as it relates to our sometimes faulty and self-destructive thinking in You Are God’s Best Idea! For now – just know that you do not have to accept every thought that pops up. You get to choose which thoughts are YOURS to keep and act on - and which ones are just static bleed-through from the brain - Ego. (Ego – as in Edging God Out)

In the You Are Not Your Brain book – the author discusses research that has been done regarding desire and expectation. We hear the word desire thrown around a lot – usually in the context of - if your desire is just a little bit stronger – you’ll succeed. That is not necessarily so. A strong desire can actually be counterproductive in some situations. Let me explain.

A strong desire with weak expectations equals poor results. What you really really really want - is a poor substitute for what you really EXPECT. In one placebo test after another - the person with the greater expectation of improved health – had better results than the person who received the actual medicine and desired well-being - but had a low expectation of improvement. Here is this idea in a mathematical equation:

A.) Desire x Action x Low Expectations = Poor Results

B.) Desire x Action x High Expectations x Acceptations=Good Results

You could use Faith as a synonym for Expectation, too. Faith means you know you can do something you have not done before. Belief means you believe you can do something you have done before – again. Notice I add my special ingredient that almost no one else mentions. Acceptance. You must accept all the good that is inherently yours.

Our math equation is relevant even if person A is getting the real deal medicine or, in the case of a job interview, is the better qualified candidate. As a manager who has interviewed and hired over 100 people in my career – I can attest to hiring the confident and enthusiastic applicant - who might not be quite as competent - over the more competent, yet less confident prospect – nine times out of ten. Both job seekers have a great desire to get the job – only one (in our example) has the requisite expectation they will land the position which comes through loud and clear in their energy and spirit. And as we all should know by now – this is about energy – connections – compatibility and attraction.

Frustration - is when your strong desires are not matched with a commensurate expectation. Think about what is frustrating you right now. How are those New Year resolutions coming along? Was your expectation of success equal to your desire for results? The level of your enthusiasm in the action steps you take is usually a good barometer of how high your expectancy is. And don’t forget the acceptance part of the formula – which I will often come back to in these coaching lessons.

You can reel that fish in and have your catch (or match) on board - but if you don’t place him in your basket – metaphorically speaking – you have filleted your soul. Your admirable desires are your soul’s wishes.

Here are a few more of those expectant epigrams I wrote that helped me stay on track:

"What is your Life expectancy? Why not expect the best!"-

"Expectancy begins with acceptance. Accept all the good you
can conceive."

"What you prepare for, you invite through expectation. Prepare
for Miracles."

"To meet expectations you must introduce yourself to them

"Faith is the acceptation of expectation."

It is okay to expect the best. You are the best. You are the expectations of the ages.

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)

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