Monday, December 26, 2011

Divine Wisdom

"Once upon a time there was something veiled in nothingness that revealed itself as everything. You are the thing itself."-Douglas Holzmeier

"Life is simple – if you choose its ease."

Several years ago – as I was walking in a park alongside the great Columbia River – a thought occurred to me: Whatever is true – is born true. We don’t make truth. We don’t create truth. All the physical (and metaphysical) laws were set in place from the start - reflecting the nature of their source. We know and put to use the obvious truths and discovered additional truths with time, usually due to a greater awareness and an elevated consciousness which result in the ever expanding expressions of Divine Mind. There is nothing truer in the latest and greatest technological advances than was true when Adam first threw his arm around Eve and grunted that all is well and good. Yes – things evolve and change - we don’t grunt as much - but not the Truth behind how they change.

I recently watched an episode of PBS’s NOVA. The episode was about how man evolved from apes. The hypothesis posed in the documentary is that there are just a few genetic DNA differences in man – compared to our closest relatives. In the interest of time I’ll try to squeeze the one hour episode into a couple of paragraphs. What one scientist found was a DNA sequence difference related to the jaws of man and ape. The human jaw is weaker – by far – than the jaw of an ape. There are tendons on either side of a gorilla’s head that pass along side both sides of the head and connect at the jaw. This gives the apes (Gorillas; Chimpanzees; Orangutans) a powerful chomp! The theory the researcher suggests is that because those muscles are absent in the human being – absent due to what he calls a DNA mutation – human skulls, unencumbered by the viselike squeeze of jaw tendons that pull the great apes cranium down tight, is the reason the human vertex can expand accommodating our much larger brains. An ape’s brain grows until age four when the crown can no longer expand because of the tendons that lock around its head. The human brain can enlarge until age thirty!

This rather recent discovery may very well explain how and why the human species is more intelligent than our cousin apes – but it in no way explains why it happened. The idea of evolution has never been a problem for the enlightened – or the minimally intelligent. Since everything comes from God and is made up of God stuff – which is all just oscillating energy at varying frequencies in different molecular and biological combinations – the real wonder is why more things don’t look MORE alike! But I’m glad they don’t – otherwise a day at the Zoo would be far less interesting.

It only makes sense that the human mammal has a close animal cousin in the form of the great apes just as the Dolphin and the Whale share commonality with the divine creatures that swim the seas. And what if – like the dinosaur – for some reason the apes had all gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago? We would be finding the fossils and marveling at these interesting creatures just as we do the fossils of the Neanderthal. It would not make us any less human or our Stone Age relatives any less extraordinary in their own right.

The aforementioned scientist used the word DNA mutation to explain the weaker jaw bone and the effects of it allowing for a larger brain to develop in an expanding skull. Curious – don’t you think? If God was creating a variety of animals – in Heaven or a laboratory called Earth – using the twitch of a nose or evolutionary time – would God not have said something like: “You know – I really like these chimpanzees – they are a barrel of fun – now – if I made the brains a little bigger they’d be smarter and able to do so many more things. Let’s see – since they are going to be so much more intelligent – they’ll have no need for such large jaws for ripping flesh because they’ll be gathering; hunting and cooking food as well as creating languages and speaking, so – I’ll loosen the muscles that wrap around the skull so their brains can expand along with their consciousness and someday – they will awake to the idea that they are my best idea.”

Sometimes the Truth is so easy to see but without wisdom – even scientists with the highest of IQ’s don’t put the puzzle pieces together. What is easier to digest – that a genetic mistake created a gorilla with a glass jaw and survived long enough to make it to manhood several million years down the road? Or do you think an Infinite Intelligence saw how wonderful Its great apes blue print was and decided to make a few adjustments in order to launch a Life with the potential to discover all of the divine laws of the Universe and use them to explore the heavens and find that Heaven - was always at hand – that miraculous five fingered hand with the imposable thumb?

"All men are ascending; many reaching the dais of their
dream, but in failing to realize they've arrived, begin their dissension."

I believe that the basic truth of human relationships was clear from the start. What we didn’t cherish – perished - due to neglect and exposure to the elements. It is why a baby – even a baby ape – clings to his or her mother. Infants are born true - created directly from source spirit. This source spirit is most closely represented on earth and in the flesh as a child’s mother.

"There's a person that needs you - that couldn't exist without you - and wishes only that you would love them. It's you."

As a family or community - we either decided to love and care for each other or disagreements soon became separations which created vulnerability and increasing hostility. This is as true today as it was tens of thousands of years ago. It is wise to see and treat each other as divine and important – needed and necessary – loved and the Beloved – God’s Best Idea! Love God and yourself as thy neighbor. Quite possibly the wisest and simplest thing ever said.

Wisdom is not a measure of knowledge – it is the discernment of truth – a sapience of judgment. In spiritual terms: Enlightenment. My contention is that – since we are born as true as truth – we are born enlightened and were so until the grownups insisted on blowing out our flame in the name of prudence – that was anything but prudent. I suppose I could propose that somehow this is God’s plan – to see how long it takes to find our way back – or –heed the Biblical advice of being like children. (Matthew 18:3 in the New World Translation): "Truly I say to you, unless you turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens." Notice Jesus says young children. Truth is born true.

Wisdom – therefore – may be less a progression than a regression. That shouldn’t be too surprising to the metaphysical type who know that getting to the spiritual truth is almost never a matter of mathematical addition – but subtraction – a peeling away of the things that are most certainly not true to find the origin of truth - the Great Truth – the Great I Am – from which you were born from - in innocence - and as Truth.

As with all of the Divine Attributes – it isn’t about applying anything for them to be - as much as it is answering and claiming the Truth of your being. You don’t need to apply make up to be beautiful – you should make up your mind to be Beauty! This is Divine Wisdom. This is Divine Truth – which is inherent in your divinity. You don’t need to educate your brain as much as you should entertain your genius.

"Talk to the divine you - she has your answer - he is your answer: Are you ready to hear yourself out?"

Wisdom is simply thinking with; through and as God – as Love. The word name - means nature. Your nature is love. Your name is Love. You know you do have such a lovely name! You were born from Love; with Love; of Love; through Love and as Love. You were born true. Life may look like a puzzle but there really is just one piece that fits together in an infinite number of ways. That one piece is Love. And thinking and acting and reacting with; from; through and as Love – you soon find that all these pieces come and join together in Love - through Harmony.

"O Soul, wise faithful soul, how I tried to live in spite of you,
but you knew you are the sole life in me."

We really do have a nasty habit of spiting ourselves. Spite means animosity; contempt; malice; rancor; resentment; umbrage; vindictiveness and hate! Why would we do this? How terribly unwise to feel and act this way but we see it played out in society just in time for the six o’clock news every day. These feelings and emotions are the opposite of Love and God. These are all false ideas. You were born true. You Are God’s Best Idea!

"God loves you so much the Divine chose to share you so we could save you - in our hearts."

Think about this. God had you all to Itself. But God – in God’s infinite wisdom chose to share you with us – not to save us – or you – but so that we could have you in our hearts. Isn’t this the Truth of Jesus? Jesus was the messenger of Love. And born as true as you – from; of; through; with and as Love – is also the message. So – we can have – hold and save the message of Love – with; from; of; through and as Jesus – if we choose. And there is no reason not to. Love is Love – when it is unconditioned. The Love represented as Jesus MUST be an unconditional Love or it is not Love at all. I accept the unconditional Love of Love from God and Jesus as much as I do from you and you and you and yes – even you!

All there is – is God. All there is – is Love. In scientific terms – all there is – is energy - wonderful vibrating energy. Self – existent good that has always been and always will be. It is God – and it is Good. To label this good in a trillion different ways is helpful when building a bridge or a rocket ship – just know that it wise to understand that it all came together so it belongs together – pieces of the Love puzzle that all fit together.

"Life doesn't want to be won, but it does ask you to play."

I hear that Life is a game. If so – it is because it wants to be played – not necessarily won. You are not competing – you are creating. You can express God in ways no previous person on earth could or can. Just the other day I received a review – really an endorsement from the writer of the book This Time I Dance, Tama Kieves. She wrote: “Douglas Holzmeier (Daniels) is the real thing. This man has a big generous soul and a way with words that can call you into your best life. There are so many books on this topic. But it’s a joy when you find one by someone who has the gift of fresh writing - who offers trays and trays of bite-sized wisdom that can change your mood, your day, and your life.”

When I wrote You Are God’s Best Idea!, I wondered to myself – does the world really need another book about the Law of Attraction and positive thinking? Apparently, yes. And it was not written to win anything. It was written in order for those who read it – to lose their past resentments and begin living their present affections and to know just how divine they are. I love Tama’s reference to my writing style as bite-sized wisdom. Is that anything like a fun-sized candy bar?

"The secret to abundance is the wisdom in knowing you are more than enough."

The above epigram has two meanings, as many of these do. You are enough means you don’t have to me more than the divine being you are. You have been authorized and certified as a child of the most high – or as the character Penny Wharvey McGill says in the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou: Bona fide! It also states that as an expression of Love, expressing from; with; through and as Love – you have access to the original Source Power of the Universe to act on your desire and dreams and follow them through. The divinely wise have done so – do so – the evidence of which is all around you – and you can too.

"God bless them for their no - because it makes you available for a better yes!"

Have the wisdom to understand your circumstances – the worse of which will get better as soon as you believe that they are already improving. You cannot judge today on what is coming tomorrow. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t receive another heart-warming story of a life changed because of my book or something I tweeted or posted on Twitter or Facebook. This is my mission – my purpose. It is to serve people in a way that I experience joy. My joy is my abundance. This emotion of joy opens the flow of the material abundance which is spiritual energy in physical form. Divine Wisdom is the understanding that it is with; through; from and as Joy – that all things are possible.

"Those who follow the rules - find routine. Isn't it time for a route canal?"

Do you want to live a routine life? Shake up your morning routine. Routines lead to ruts! I am not big on rules or ruts. I like the Golden Rule – not so keen on most other rules because they were developed and initiated by people who wanted YOU to follow THEM! Some people are simply going in the wrong direction – and often at high rates of speed. Before getting into a race - know where it leads and ends. Life isn’t a race to be finished first! And besides – there is no distance within – where all of God’s good and wisdom emanates from.

"The reason you can't is wrapped in the reason you won’t. Remove the not - and you most certainly will."

Notice I used the word not in the above epigram. Doubt is wisdom’s woe. Remove the not from the word can’t – and you have can! Remove not from won’t – and you will! Can you do this? Will you do this? It would be wise.

When I chose to tackle this particular acceptation called wisdom – it was tempting to look up a bunch of quotes from the ancient sages. But that would be to defeat the inherent Truth of what Wisdom is. You are born wise – loving and being – loving, being – a loving being. It is ignorance that you acquired and even set upon an altar until its bitter fruit was impossible to consume that separated you from your inherent Truth. A child isn’t being unreasonable when it spits out the wrinkly, awful tasting frozen peas to feed Fido beneath the kitchen table. That’s real trickle-down economics and perfectly wise and good! It is the politician who calls himself a Bible believing Christian who insists on making it even harder for the Billionaire and his camel to get through the eye of the needle by piling more cash in his hands in hopes that he’ll allow a few those extra millions to land in the homeless person’s tin cup – that is foolish; unreasonable and unwise.

"You've already been endorsed - cast your vote and elect yourself!"

Ebenezer Scrooge didn’t share his abundance with the world because society gave him more – it was because he discovered there was more within him to give. He listened to the wise and true heavenly spirits brought forth from an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato – or a wise and divine sub-consciousness that made Its way through his hardened heart on the eve of Truth’s divine rebirth - represented in the nativity child who like all of us – is born true.

It is up to each and every one of us to awaken to our inherent divinity; the Attributions of Light – Beauty – Happiness – Prosperity – Power - Peace – Love - Truth and Wisdom await our acceptation. It would be wise to be as enlightened as the child who knows only love as Love and Love as himself. Accept your divinity. Know You Are God’s Best Idea! and Live the and Undeniable Life!

"Wisdom is the appreciation for all there is that we know had absolutely nothing to do with."

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