Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Acceptations: Living the Undeniable Life/ Divine You

“Don’t let anyone anchored in ignorance suggest that you are anything other than God’s best idea!”

“You are neither called nor summoned to greatness. You were sent to express your inherent greatness.”

“There is no-body in between you and God; no one you have to please or appease.”

~Doug Daniels

“Be you to full. Beautiful!”

Don’t let anyone anchored in ignorance suggest that you are anything other than God’s best idea; the first of the Great Acceptations. Accept the idea that you are God’s best idea. Imagine every child starting their lives with the premise, told by loving parents, that they are God’s best idea!? It should be a requirement! Almost everything negative that a person does is because they do not believe they are good or worthy.

Imagine if you knew you were unlimited? Knew you had the power to realize any and every dream? Well, now you do! But the important thing to know is why this is so.

“You can’t get outside of what is inherently inside you.”

There may not be a more important thing in this book than I am about to reveal. What we adore, we surrender to. Most parents put their children at the center of the lives and from that point onward, they surrender to them. That is certainly true of contemporary parents. God adores you. God has surrender to you. God has surrendered to us!

What does that mean? It means that whoever told you otherwise, didn’t understand the basics of the parent and child relationship. The parents I have known, on the whole, over the last 15 or so years, adore their children. Why would God doing anything less? You are precious. You are necessary. Blessed is the person who recognizes and embraces the Divine that is within. It’s OK to have a high opinion of you; God does!

“There is no-body between you and God; no one you have to please or appease.”

You are fine just the way you are because God made you that way. Now, if you want to behave differently or make an improvement of some kind; go right ahead! But know that you are inherently divine and no pennant; ribbon or trophy makes you better than you already are in spirit.

“You are neither called nor summoned to greatness; you were sent to express your inherent greatness.”

How are you using your inheritance? Until you fully embody your inherent worthiness; you will fall short of your glorious birthright. How do you that? Just be the love that you are!

The answer is always within. By the time you are finished with this book you will know how amazing you are because I am going to keep telling you!

“God has already crowned human beings with glory and honor. We are princes and princesses. You are the Expectation of the Ages!”

How does that make you feel? It’s true.

Love the One you’re with, as the One within loves you. There is nothing the One of you can’t do together! Got that? The power is God’s. The Law, in which the power works, is God’s. You use it; for good and with love.

Dance with the One who brought you. You’ve got the One who taught Astaire & Rogers everything they knew as a partner! If you have ever seen them dance together in those old movies then you know there is God. If you have ever heard the voice of Karen Carpenter you know God is.

“Some people only dance when their favorite song is playing, sitting out and missing all the other opportunities to trip the Light fantastic!”

You’re really not at the party if you don’t get on the dance floor. Make God dance; play that funky music! Put on your boogie shoes. You we’re made for dancing; or whatever it is that you desire because that desire is God asking for divine expression through you; when you accept your divinity and live the Undeniable Life

“The stage is set, reputation preceding; summoning the star in the seated spectator; a performance at your command; Heaven’s ovation standing; God’s cause for applause!”

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