Sunday, August 29, 2010


"You are a representative of God; therefore, a representative of Love; Kindness and Peace. Anything less is a misrepresentation."-Doug Daniels

I wrote the above quote today. Life is not a puzzle or a mystery. It's one thing: Love. It doesn't matter what organized religion you follow and practice. You are, by your very creation and existence, a representation of what created you. God. However defined, it is the power behind your being. Every religion refers to this Power; this First Cause, as God (in the English language) and as Love.

You are to be and express what you are. Love. Love is, of course, kindness; peace; joy; happiness; forgiveness and acceptance. Anything less than these and other Divine attributes is a misrepresentation of your Divinity.

God doesn't expect or desire uniformity, if he did all the birds would be doves. He (or however you perceive God) asks for Unity in love. To love God, and your brother as yourself. You can vote for whoever you want but you cannot judge them. You MUST love them. To suggest that you can withhold, with righteousness, love from even one person, means that it can be withheld from you! The only thing that we really need to get; is together. What we want and need is what we already have and are. We just need to express and show it. And that's Love. That's God.

You cannot express God while judging; hating; cursing; or condemning. You are free to disagree. If you have lived as long as I have, you already know how many times your beliefs about earthly matters, change. Especially politics. As someone who has traveled and lived in eight states, my NFL allegiances and Sunday afternoon football watching have included the Bengals; Browns; Steelers; Bears; Packers; Vikings; Saints; Cardinals and Seahawks. You can love The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, or both; or; neither. But you must love your brother because as you do so you are loving yourself and God. Until you do this you are not being who you are or doing what you are here to do.

Why not start unconditionally loving everyone right now? There is no commandment to agree with them about every minute aspect of the Universe. Unconditionally forgive them as well. Forgiveness is the best kind of love you can show another as well as yourself. What you withhold is withheld. That is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Consequences. As you do it is done.

To hold animosity towards anyone is simply foolish. It places stress on oneself. It is very hard to be hugged when your arms are closed. It is impossible to receive love when your heart is closed. Some people support the things they love. Some people fight the things they hate. One of these groups live a life of love and support.

If you have ever been a sales person, you know what it is to be called a representative. An account executive. We are all representing our creator. God. Love. You are also the executive of your accounting on earth. Living in love is living in Heaven; for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand who has love in their heart.

Give a good accounting of yourself and of God. Love unconditionally.

When the saint and the sinner occupy the same place in your heart, you will occupy the same in God's.

Anything less than love is a misrepresentation.


~Doug Daniels

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