Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Acceptations

If you are like me, you probably didn't even know the word Acceptation even existed. I was tweeting on Wednesday night, playing with words as I love to do and wrote a quote with the word Exceptional in it. Then I wrote Acceptional, only to find that there is no such word. (Although there should be)When I right clicked the optional words, they included: Acceptation. Wow. Love it. I googled that word and almost nobody uses it. So since I was playing with the word: Exceptional, I thought of Expectation, then Great Expectations and then: Great Acceptations.

Great Expectations must begin with Great Acceptation.

Lately I keep coming back to a recurring theme of receiving; reception; allowance. Acceptation. Perfect. For many people the Law of Attraction is about acting and attracting. And, of course, that is a part of it. Belief + Thought + Act + Accept= Manifestation/Results; etc. A Lot of LOA minded folks get most of the equation but either forget or don't know about receptive consciousness. You give thanks with great gratitude about the gifts you are about to receive. Acceptation. Beautiful.

Great Expectations must begin with Great Acceptation.

We don't compete for God's gifts. We receive them. If you find yourself struggling to achieve goals in order to meet your (Or someone else) expectations, you are not in a receptive frame of Mind. Your heavenly allowance is equal to your consciousness of It. You could even call this your; Acceptance.

Great Expectations must begin with Great Acceptation.

When the song is sung the singer pauses for the applause. The farmer doesn't sew seeds only to admire the field so he can paint a picture. Don't forget to reap the Harvest.

Your expectations are always met to the degree you can conceive and receive.

Great Expectations must begin with Great Acceptation.

God gives more than we will ever accept because God is more accepting of us than we are of ourselves. God knows who we are because we are a part of It and It is a part of us.

The most underrated part of the Law of Attraction is the easiest part. Acceptance.

"Great Acceptations." Sounds like the making of a good book that I Expect to write.



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