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You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: February 5, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for:
February 5, 2012
"Enlightenment is the understanding that you are the answer to
your prayer."-Douglas Holzmeier

For three years I have been taking the same spiritual and metaphysical classes that Louise Hay – Michael Bernard Beckwith – Terry Cole-Whittaker and Mary Morrissey took on their way to becoming celebrated spiritual authors and teachers. These inspirational way showers all practice Affirmative Prayer. It is at least as old as Luke: “Ask – and it will be given to you.”  It is the idea that the Universe has already given Its all – the substance and the mechanism to manifest your Good. Prayer is not a plea. (No matter what the Dictionary says!) God already knows the desires of your heart. It is the certainty of your mind that is in need of certitude.

Affirmative Prayer – also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment – is a five-step process that clears the Mind of illusions and false appearances and replaces them with the Spiritual Truth of Perfection. Anyone can affirm the Truth of wellness and prosperity. Anyone can be a practitioner of Truth. You do this when you know - to the bone - you are created from Love – by Love – for Love. Affirmative Prayer helps you get centered and proclaim the Truth of your Divinity.

It is very easy to lose sight of Truth. Illness – pain – loss – unemployment – heartbreak - hardships of almost any kind can blur our vision.  This is understandable. You are not a robot. No one expects a celebration after a life altering event. Grieving and mourning are healthy parts of the healing process. I never suggest that people deny pain as it is the body’s way of letting you know how much you rightfully hurt. You just don’t have to remain in pain – at a loss or heartbroken - for long.

Here is an example of just one Affirmative Prayer process:

1.)  Step One - Recognition: Recognizing that there is one Power and it is a Power for Good. Most call this Power - God. You can use the language or symbolism that you are most comfortable.

2.)  Step Two - Unification:  I am One with God. The Creative Intelligence of the Universe which animates Life at the ocean floor is the same Power that is back of you. This is the basis of my message. You Are Divine and Important – Needed and Necessary – Loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea!

3.)  Step Three – Realization:  State in the affirmative present tense the Spiritual Truth of what you are praying and treating to see. This is not a petition - for God does not play favorites and if one prayer has ever been answered – all prayer has been answered.

4.)  Step Four – Thanksgiving:  This is a statement of appreciation and gratefulness for the clarity of your consciousness in advance of your manifestation.

5.)  Step Five – Release:  You release your word into the Creative medium (this has many names – just think of it as fertile soil). Know that the infallible Law of Action will open the seeds of your idea and literally will move Heaven and Earth to mirror your beliefs. The medium is non-personal. It does not care whether the potato or tomato seed has been planted. The medium does not argue with you. Fortunately – Divine Time may afford you an opportunity to dig up the seed you may have cast in anger.

Here is a very simple prayer using these steps:

A.   God is all there is…
B.   And I am One with God.
C.   I know that I am Perfect – Whole and Complete. I am Well. I am Healthy. The Body Temple knows how to keep me Energized – Balanced and Well – and does so easily – completely and beautifully.
D.   I am so grateful that the Spiritual Truth of my Perfection is clear – that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe is working through – with and as me - preserving my natural state of well being. Thank you – Thank You – Thank You.
E.   I release the Spiritual Truth of my Well Being into the Creative Medium of Mind (Soul) knowing that the infallible Law of Action makes it so.

And So It Is.

I have used this formula hundreds of times - never stating my Truth the same way twice. The way that you affirm your abundance and well-being will be unique. You may want to write your Spiritual Mind Treatment out. What is important - is that you feel the Truth of what it is that you are proclaiming - deeply.  This isn’t always easy to do when all appearances are to the contrary. I would suggest that – if this type of prayer is appealing to you – begin now while things are good. Practice a couple times a day. If you feel blessed - state it as such in an Affirmative Prayer. You will get goose (or God) bumps. This practice will help you now for the times when it may be harder to see and feel the Spiritual Truth.

As a Practitioner of Healing – I can assist a person who is having trouble realizing the Truth of their inherent Wholeness.  Just today I spent two hours with three clients helping clear and raise Consciousness. I do this by clearing my own – first. Fear and doubt is at the root of most problems. Sometimes we believe we have been separated from our Good. But this is just an illusion - for your Good is always where you leave it – just outside the edge of awareness.

The Body Temple is keeping you well - continuously. On the occasions that a dis-ease breaks through our natural defenses – the body immediately sends its resources to begin repairing damage and getting you back to new as soon as possible. This is also true of unwanted manifestations of the mind. Just this past week I thought a dear friend had unfriended me on Facebook. I was devastated. The thing is – it wasn’t true. She had simply suspended her account for a few days while she was starting a new job. I felt hurt - but I had not been hurt. This was a lie which I accepted as truth and it manifested 24 hours of confusion that was all illusion. We do this all the time. Affirmative Prayer can help you clear away the fog of doubt.

It is your consciousness that projects and frames the life you experience. Henry Ford said “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t - are both right.” You could substitute the word thinks for prays - because your thoughts are your prayers. The woman who prays she can and the woman who prays she can’t – are both right. Ford also said: “An idealist is a person who helps other people to be prosperous.”
I am an idealist. Life is as perfect as your ideals – and your ideas and ideals can be proclaimed affirmatively in the form of prayer. Here are a few more of my epigrams regarding the Power of Prayer:
"Prayer is not a petition- it is conscious unification."

"You do not need a prayer for joy - you should put joy behind
your prayer."

"Our own prayers are answered when we include all others."

You’ve heard it said that we should practice what we preach and teach – but we should practice what we pray as well. Pray today knowing it is so. Pray tomorrow in appreciation and gratitude for yesterday’s clarity. If your teeth are important enough to brush and floss each day – so is your Mind.

There is no right or wrong way to pray. Praying is personal. If praying in specifics seems foreign or forward for you – just start by being open to Divine Will and asking that the Highest Good unfolds for all concerned.

If you are ready and excited about the Power of Prayer – know that your prayer is calling. Say Hello! It’ll be a Treat.

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier
Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)
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