Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Are God's Best Idea! Daily Epigram for: January 3, 2012

"There is only one rule you cannot break if you want to be a success: Self-Rule."-Douglas Holzmeier

If you are about to make a decision based on an existing rule, then it most likely was created by a person not named you. Most rules are created to hem people (and the behavior) in – not to liberate potential divine expressions. The rule breakers are the people who are remembered. They are the ones who did what they did – differently – innovatively – with originality. The word originality comes from Origin. Coloring inside the lines that your ancestor’s drew – or worse – that politicians spewed – is tracing their steps. You have your own journey!

Originals – sometimes brake rules they didn’t even know existed! They were self-ruled. Elvis Presley didn’t know you were not allowed to shake your hips on national television. It wasn’t that he misbehaved – he was just being himself. He could not have kept his pelvis from rotating anymore than a dog can keep her tail from wagging. It is in this way that animals are steps ahead of humans; as Buck Owens and the Beatles used to sing, our four legged-friends Act Naturally.

My objective is to empower your ingeniousness. You are inherently an inventive genius! I want you to understand who you are – divine and important – needed and necessary – loved and the Beloved: You Are God’s Best Idea! What you do with this revelation is up to you. You are important – but YOU decide how this importance will take shape and when and where it will be shared. In the meantime – there is something you should know.

The unenlightened - who most often sit in the corner offices in the big comfy chairs - want you to act in a way that is predictable; orderly and profitable. And it doesn’t matter if those offices are in a business; political or religious edifice. They set the rules – the laws - policies - doctrine – and attached the penalties and interest for not abiding their sage advice. But the truth is – if you follow the directions and heed the messages from the entities you are bombarded with all day – everyday – the results can be and often are – frightening. Although it is true we are responsible for what we eat and the measure of our waistlines – I think we can agree that for every sign posted along the information highway that encourages you to have a salad – there are 1001 that are telling you to run for the border and enjoy a fourth meal, have a Coke and a smile and swing by Jack in the Box because, after all, you deserve a hot-hearty breakfast whenever you (or is it them?) want.

There’s nothing wrong with advertising – I made a living for three decades in broadcast media – just raise your awareness and place your divine dreams of health above the deafening noise and influence of Madison Avenue. Rule thyself.

Decide now that you are the Captain of the U.S.S. YOU. God is with you to navigate the choppy waters. The seas change but whom and what you are is eternal Light and Love. Share your originality with us. Make your own kind of music – we’re listening.

"Great Destinations begin with Great Origination's."-Douglas

You Are God's Best Idea!

~Douglas Holzmeier

Author of You Are God's Best Idea! Divine Acceptations and Living the Undeniable Life! (Balboa Press/Hay House)

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