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Divine Healing

“When perched on the shoulders of God you can see that all is well and well are all.”

~Douglas E. Holzmeier

“Healing is a consistent consciousness of health.”

All the material in this book points toward a Divine Consciousness. It begins not only with the acceptance of your divinity but manifests outwardly with your predominant thoughts. I have used the word embody or embodiment several times. You may be wondering want I mean. I can use a couple of examples that might give you a better idea. You have probably read about actors who got so far into the role that they were playing that even when the director said cut, the actor remained in character. They are embodying the spirit (so to speak) of the character. There is a great scene in the movie American Graffiti when the Richard Dryfuss character, Curt, visits the radio station where he thinks Wolfman Jack is. At first, the operator at the radio control board says the Wolfman is broadcasting from a place far away, across the Mexico border. As the disappointed Curt walks away, Wolfman’s voice is heard and Dryfuss turns around to see, that indeed, it is the Wolfman, now in character, at the radio controls.

Earlier in my career when I was a hit crankin’, hot rockin’, Top 40 air personality, I would go into character and embody the persona of a happening radio jock. It was fun. If you go to my website you can hear examples of those days.

The point is, you can’t change who you inherently are (nor would you want to), a divine child of God, but you can and do choose the states of consciousness you embody. The poor and abused child of Mississippi can choose to be anything she wants, and did, and is now the richest woman on the planet. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. Where you are born is not who you are born to be, although it can play a role, one way or another, in what you choose to do. I suggest that whatever you choose to do, that it is a choice based on service and with divinity. You are helping the Universe unfold Truth, and that is an awesome role to play.


Every second of your waking day is filled with thoughts. The human brain and mind is never at rest unless you are meditating, and, for the most part, even in meditative states, thoughts are present. It is said that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day. That’s one for every sixty seconds in a minute, times sixty minutes in an hour; times the hours you are awake:

60 x 60= 3600 thoughts an hour. 3600 x 17 awake hours= 61,200

So let’s go with 60,000 thoughts a day. 60,000 x 365 days a year = 21,900,000 thoughts a year. That is twenty-one million, nine-hundred thousand thoughts!

If you live to the age of 80, and your first conscious thoughts begin around the age of three, then you would accumulate thoughts for 77 years. Let’s do the math:

21,900,000 x 77 years = 1, 686, 300,000!!! That’s One Billion, six hundred-eighty-six million, three hundred thousand thoughts in a lifetime! And we are not even including the thoughts you have during the seven to eight hours of sleeping thinking, our dreams.

The question for everyone is: How many of these billion plus thoughts are positive, and how many or negative? Every physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist will affirm that an accumulation of negative thoughts create and add to the stress of a human being. And we know that stress is scientifically linked to illnesses of many kinds, such as headaches, stomachaches, sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety. Chronic stress can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease. Most experts believe that stress suppresses the immune system which can leave a body susceptible to a myriad of conditions up to and including cancer.

If you consider yourself a person of average happiness, meaning half your thoughts are positive and half are negative, according to our calculations above, you are generating in the neighborhood of 843,150,000 stress-inducing thoughts over a lifetime. Let me spell that out: Eight-hundred, forty-three million, one hundred fifty-thousand negative thoughts which are not adding to your Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, and Health. Each thought with a positive or negative vibration seeking and attracting like vibrations.

“Birds of a feather flock together. What’s the stock of your flock?”

We are talking about half your life! That’s 38.5 years of misery! If half of your waking hours are spent generating negative (lower) vibrations that seek like matches, is it is wonder we are, or at least feel that we are, ill? Anyone who has trouble managing obesity can tell you how much negativity contributes to our waistline. The stress eating associated with the worry about our inward health, and outward appearance, is a reason 95 to 98 percent of conventional diets fail to generate long term success.

“Misery loves company, and that’s bad for business.”

The cycle can be literally head-spinning. The negativity, real or imagined, that led to negative thoughts that led to more out-pictured negative appearances, that then lead to tons of stress, that feel negative and that then lead to more negative thoughts and negative actions and negative reactions that lead to more stress that ultimately break you down mentally and physically…is a vicious cycle that costs us our physical and mental well-being, as well as, collectively, billions of dollars annually. Whether you are reading this through conventional ears or metaphysical clarity; the Truth of the matter is self evident. Negative thoughts reduce the positive expressions of the God attributes, attributes that we share with the Divine through our own inherent divinity.

Grand Illusion

By the way, a large number of your thoughts are just brain activity, neurons firing along the well worn neural pathways you have developed over time. If we are not consciously thinking, our brains go into automatic mode and just fill up our heads with previous thought, by default. This is unconscious or subconscious activity, which is what is operating and running our lives most of the time. The further we consciously, unconsciously, or just ignorantly separate ourselves from our Divine state, the more we see and/or experience negativity. This may result in broken relationships or broken bones. Are you reading this book because you feel separated from your good, separated from God? It is not spiritually possible to be apart from your divinity, only to experience the illusion that you are. This is why being disillusioned, in this example, is actually a good idea!

“As a human being, we seek well being, and the best way to well being is to remember you are a Divine Being.”

You Are God’s Best Idea! You deserve to experience the Undeniable Life. Start now to believe and accept the health that is true in spirit reality; Divine Truth. It starts with Love. Love for your mind, body, and, spirit.

Get Back

In the more than thirty years I worked in day-to-day radio, I can count on one hand the number of sick days I took. I loved my work and my listeners so much that nothing could keep me off the air. Fact is… I just didn’t get sick very often. I had a positive mind set when it came to my vocation. I even broke my leg in 2005 and didn’t miss a minute of work! I was walking in the dark and stepped right into and over the top of a picnic table. The lump that protruded from my leg, just above the chin and right below the knee, was the size of a golf ball. My leg turned twenty different colors before healing. I didn’t miss a single radio show.

There was one time, in the fall of 2001, where I injured my back. I had been throwing the football around in the backyard with my son and a couple of boys from the neighborhood. After we finished, I went into the house and sat on a chair. About three hours later I couldn’t move.

I would eventually find out that my lower lumbar disc had been crushed. I had back spasms that would last for more than a month. I could not get into a position that wasn’t excruciatingly painful. Just walking from the living room to the bedroom was like a thousand red hot knives being stabbed into my back, hips, legs, and even feet. The sciatic nerve was in constant stress, sending lightning bolts down through my hips, leg, and toes.


Once I got to the bed, I stayed there for the next three weeks. I was an invalid. I could do nothing for myself. It was humiliating and humbling. I was vulnerable for the first time since my childhood. I did do some computer work from home, creating the music logs for the radio station, but not much else. I had a massage therapist in and a chiropractor. They did the best they could, but I was in severe pain. Although I had a doctor’s permit to be off work, the business manager called and alerted me to the plans of the company to fire me. He told me I had to somehow get back to work within the next five days or I was done.

Denise took me to the hospital to get x-rays. It took me one hour to walk from the bedroom to the van which was parked near the porch. Every step was walking death. Meaning, death would have been better than this. Just bending my head low enough to get into the van was like jagged nails in my spine. The x-ray ordeal was a nightmare. The technicians had trouble generating an x-ray that could penetrate my body so I had to go to a second hospital to use a more powerful x-ray machine. Just getting up and down from the wheelchair was mind numbingly painful. The memory of getting onto and off that x-ray table still sends shivers through my body to this day.

Getting Better

I was motivated. My doctor told me that a normal person would have gone on disability for a year or more. I came back in less than a month. I used a walker for several months, then a cane for a few more. I could walk without the cane and just a little pain after nine months. I should have had surgery. I should have been on disability. I asked God, the Divinity within, to give me what I needed to get up and move and to ultimately heal.

Love is powerful. My love for family, wanting to continue to provide for them, got me out of that bed, along with the love for and from my listeners too. The experience of being an invalid for those three weeks has given me great empathy for those in similar or worse situations. If you have the ability to move, the gift of motion, never take it for granted. Don’t neglect yourself to the point where you can no longer enjoy the simple things like getting on the floor to play with your child or grandchild. Most of us enjoy Divine Health without a consciousness of gratitude. Imagine how much better our health could be experienced with a consciousness of gratitude?

“The world doesn’t need a Cure, it needs to Care. The Cure for what ails us will be in the caring for us.”

As I mentioned earlier in the book, when it comes to health and healing, I refer you to You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay ( as well as the inspired works of Ernest Holmes. ( As of this writing, I am taking the Licensed Practitioner course at the Center for Spiritual Living. The concept of healing is that most illnesses are manifestations of the Mind. Simply put, a person who always believes they get sick at certain times of the year will get sick at certain times of the year. A consciousness of fear regarding health will almost certainly manifest the condition feared.

Feeling Stronger Everyday

As powerful as the divinity within is, our Minds are fertile ground for ideas, good and not so good. Did you know that Jesus was told by his mother, his father, and his aunt, that he was destined for greatness? All three had slightly different ideas of how it was going to materialize, but divinity did emerge and unfold unlike it had never before: divine healings, divine understanding…Divinity Itself. Do you think Jesus, being told incessantly as a child he was destined for greatness, was led to recognized his divinity and express God like none had before or since? Do you think a child who is told they are less than good or no good, might be led to express something less than their divinity?

Do you think that being told hundreds of times a day via commercials on TV and radio, magazines and newspapers, and now the Internet, that you are just a dirty door handle away from a cold might condition the mind and body to accept ill health as the norm instead of as an aberration? Remember, we are thinking 60,000 thoughts a day and the pattern and direction of those thoughts are nudged in all kinds of directions. As a male who watches a lot of sports television, it is amazing that I am not experiencing an inability to make love while simultaneously experiencing the inability to stop peeing!

No matter what you are ready to fully believe or embrace at this moment, you know people who are seemingly always sick and out of the office. They are usually not the happy people. They are the ones who are constantly complaining about their husbands, their kids, their job, and their lives. They are consistently in agitated states, crying and blowing their noses, and blathering “why me” epithets. At the top of this section I put Feeling Stronger Every Day, a reference to a Chicago song. If you think about it, you can interpret those four words in two ways. The obvious way is, that each and every day, we are getting stronger. The other way is a directive to FEEL stronger every day. Did you catch that? This is life and living in a nut shell. Most people wait for outside influences in order to make them feel better. In reality, you are to FEEL better in order to…feel better! Are you living actively or reactively? This makes all the difference in your level of joy, happiness and health.

Before I conclude this section on Divine Healing, I want to be clear about Healings. A healing can be a Blessing. My episode with my back made me a far more empathic person. You become very humble when you can’t go to the bathroom without assistance. An illness or accident is almost always a turning point filled with blessings. I don’t believe that those lessons and blessings had to be delivered through dis-ease, but, if you are headed in the wrong direction, sometimes the U-Turn sign comes in the form of a pain in the backside, to get you back on the Divine side.

Toward the end of this book is a suggested reading list. There are several titles that deal with the subject of health consciousness. These books go into great detail on health consciousness and the developing science that is proving that how and what we think directly affects our state of health. The work of Dr. Emoto regarding experiments with water has been well documented. Since then, he did another experiment where he placed three jars with rice and water in them on a table. One jar he addressed daily for a month with an affirmative Thank You. The second jar is addressed daily with You’re an idiot. The third jar was ignored. After thirty days, jar one was beginning to ferment creating a pleasant aroma. The rice in jar two turned black. The rice in jar three began to rot.

Human beings are made up of about seventy percent water. If we are being told we are ugly, unworthy, sinners, and worse, while accepting and embodying these false ideas, internalizing them as our beliefs, which then are expressed as our feelings and emotions, is it any wonder that the health of our bodies mirror these beliefs? We literally rot from the inside!

Go ahead and declare your Divine Right to good Health. You Are God’s Best Idea!

Accept your divinity and healthfully live the Undeniable Life.

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