Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Me

Dear Doug,

I see you as being a better man; a better father; a better husband; a better citizen; and a better representitive of the Divine that resides in and stands beside you.

I see you as more giving; more forgiving; more allowing and more open to receiving all your good.

I see you wealthier; healthier; happier and ever more peaceful and comfortable in your skin.

I see you as more helpful; less cynical; more joyous; and less stressful.

I see you immersed in your fulfilled dreams of being a productive and successful song; screen; blog and inspirational writer.

I see you full of love overflowing from within and coming without.

I see you more respected in all the things that truly matter and having let go of all that doesn't.

I see you being the leader for those who need leadership and following those who know the way to Enlightenment.

I see you standing tall to reach the highest point of cosmic view and laying low where the fallen seek counsel.

I see this; I do. You Are that; You Are. I Am that; I Am. We Are this; We Are.


And So It Is.



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