Friday, February 19, 2010

Imagine That

"Imagine That"-Doug Daniels Copyright 2010

Walking by the old man,
The not so old man with the tin cup
Filled with bad luck, running over
As he sits there…
I think…How long have you been here?

In line, impatiently
The mother behind me, cries
Silently, tears running over
And her child dreams…
Of only the things he sees.

When did I imagine this?
How did I imagine this?
I can’t imagine.

The radio sings songs of what’s gone
wrong, played all day, the same notes,
know them by rote, every day
As I listened closely…(far too closely)
I hear the sad news, is there anything new?

And…I want to know…

When did we imagine this?
How did we imagine this?
We can’t imagine.

These are our ideas,
It’s our creation.
It’s our Imagination

I CAN imagine,
I WILL imagine,

A beloved young man
Walking with a kick in his step
and a smile as long as a mile
Down his street of dreams…
Yes…I see him here.

Yes! I Imagine:

A beloved young woman
chin held high, with new found pride
And joy running over
And her boy believes…he can be King
Sees through his mother’s eyes.

No time for bad news
No mind for sad news
There’s something always new…

Imagine that.

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