Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time to Celebrate

It's my birthday. July 18th. Time marches. (or does it?) Time is an interesting thing. Some scientists suggest that there is no such thing as time. Nevertheless, I'm now beyond the half way point of my life, unless I'm living a lot longer than I've planned. (after eating several of the donuts my wife brought into the station today, I may be looking at the end of the road sooner than later!)

My birthday probably has meant more to me than it means to most people. I don't remember any significant birthday celebrations during my childhood years. Cake, ice cream and new clothes were the norm. Whoever was around the house to sing---sang. Usually my brother Drew and my sisiter, Dana. Mom made cake. Whatever I wanted. Vanilla ice cream (IGA) and chocolate cake. Very moist. Duncan Hines.

As an adult my day usually involves eating at a favorite restaurant. We used to go to Chi-Chi's. They always sang some made-up birthday song and I always wore the big sombrero. It was fun. I don't even know if there are any Chi-Chi's anymore. (although their products are available in stores)

In years past, as I approached my birthday, I would go into a blue funk. Another year gone by meant one less on the other end. This year I feel fine about it all. The new job is great. Lots to do. No time for wondering why I haven't achieved all that I'd hoped for by now. What I have accomplished is worth celebrating.

I've lived around 16,800 days so far. That's 403,200 hours. 24,192,000 minutes. I don't know how much more time I have...but I'll be grateful for each and every second.



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